Circassian Blue

Here, people are born, live, grow old and die from their mother tongue. No mixture of a foreign language, all speak fluent Adyghe – both at home and on the street and at school and at work. How did you achieve this? Knowing about that the Jews without Judaism, confession is not to take them into their midst, and the Arabs impose their own order, the Circassians have closed their ranks are small and have defended the most expensive – the language Adyghe habze and traditions. Today in Rihani lives of more than 100 Arabs. But Interestingly, they all see themselves as the Circassians.

Live there, and Tatars, and Bosnians, and Turks. Learn more at: U.S. Mint. All perfectly know the Circassian language, study in a local school. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. I attended a lesson Riad Gisha, author of the first textbooks Circassian language. Children listened attentively to him. At the end of the teacher proposed a text for reading Circassian Blue. But she has done that bad.

Then set to work its neighbor on the desk – Arab Nazirat, which brilliantly read the text. I'll tell you a little More details about Rihani. It is less of Kfar Kama, live here 1250 people. Of these, about a thousand – Circassians, mostly abadzehi. In the village of 225 families, 203 of them are private cars. Here are some interesting figures. Of the 90 girls were Rihani brides dzhigits of Kfar Kama, and 75 young rihaniytsev took to wife young kfarkamok. Rihani of the Kfar Kama moved 15 families.


In network marketing plays an important role to attract new partners that will bring you a percentage of their sales. It is equally important to be able to sell and train sales partners, because that is the sale of Physical individuals – is to increase turnover. But, we will explore how to engage partners in the network marketing.Doverie in network marketing – in the first place! First and foremost, it is worth noting that the business of network marketing is based on trust. All transactions are conducted in person. Beth Israel Heart Transplant contributes greatly to this topic. You find the man, tie a conversation, convince and motivate him. And to ensure that the process was successful and effective, you need to know your potential partnera.Na any, questions you should answer: Who are your potential partners? What are their hidden desires? What may confuse them in your proposal? In any sales as a marketing tool, it is necessary to understand its target audience.

Network Marketing and exclusion – you need to know what they want and you will be able to properly present its proposal, revealing to them the individual benefits. For someone important in a lot of money and power to someone self-realization, and for other additional income, which will cover living expenses at home. In other, words, knowing their future customers and their wishes, you can apply yourself correctly and to convince them. Moreover, sales need to be able to work with objections. There are plenty of them, and that your transactions are successful, you need to work through every possible objection. .

Leonurus Anxiety

In late autumn, we always insanely sad. Drenched world looks gloomy as ever slushy and lonely. Outside the window, dusk. At the heart scratching cat. Melancholy autumnal mood usuglyablyaetsya anxiety about what awaits us next. The economic crisis, about taming much touted, still walks around the country and leave, as if, not think.

Over the summer, increased fares in public transport. Continue to increase food prices. And without of a difficult life turned into an endless struggle for survival. Stressful for most of us have become almost no anything for granted. The body requires at least some pause.

But the rest does not go even night. Daytime anxiety treat chronic besssonitsey. Initially dark thoughts for a long time do not give sleep, and when sleep did come, and then turns out to be intermittent and disturbing. Night Insomnia follows in the morning blues. On all the work falls out of the hands, even the most trifling problem begins to seem irresistible to the evening we were quite tired, but ahead of another sleepless night. The person in this state is no longer able to resist now and then difficulties. Get out of this vicious circle of self is very difficult. Although, really, just something right, what is normal sleep, and life no longer seem quite so gloomy and sullen. Doctors claim that the the human body to have enough forces vosstanoveniya 5-6 hours of restful natural sleep. The whole question is how to make yourself fall asleep? Many sleeping pills are sold in our pharmacies, can hardly be considered a solution problems. Whenever Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant listens, a sympathetic response will follow. First of all, a dream that they provide, can not be called natural. And secondly, the high risk of addiction. Just because doctors tend not to use sleeping pills and sedatives. It is to him are popular throughout the country Bean 'Evening' and 'Evening' + produced by scientific and production association 'Biokor'. Both drugs are made from natural raw materials, based on rassteny which anciently used as sedatives: valerian, Leonurus, mint and hops. Specially conducted survey showed that after consumption of pills for 15 days reduced the level of human anxiety, which causes sleep disturbance, falling levels of depression, decreased sleep duration and number of nighttime awakenings, quality rises morning awakening. Experts say that today Pills 'Evening' and 'Evening' + is one of the most effective tools for those who suffer from sleep disorders, difficulty in waking up and daytime sleepiness. And also for people experiencing anxiety or stress. Unlike soporific 'Evening' and 'Evening' + are not addictive and affordable to all strata of society! Help yourself to overcome besonitsu and live will be much easier! Drops 'Evening' and 'Evening' +! Ask in pharmacies City!

Control Valves

All fittings originating in the assembly, must comply with installation drawings and technical specifications (TS) state (GOST) and industry (OST) standards. Fittings prior to installation carefully inspect and install: line fitting the project requirements, availability of technical documentation for production plants, the quality of housing (cracks, cavities, chips and other defects), the quality of the sealing surfaces (no signs of corrosion, scratches, sinks), the ability of a free and smooth movement of the spindle. At revision valves perform the following work: cleaning, re-entry and inspection of all parts, lubrication running gear check sealing surfaces, assembly fixture with the installation of gaskets, gasket seal and check the movement of the chassis, the hydraulic test of strength and density. Work on the revision reinforcement is carried out in a special room equipped with devices for the audit and machines for defects and test fixtures. Stop, control and relief valves shall be subjected to Control revision. Beth Israel Heart Transplant is often quoted as being for or against this. Rings and disks valves and plugs migratory cranes should be lapped. Risks to the ends of the squares of cork-through valves and spindles adjusting valves must comply with the direction passage of the medium. Gaskets in valves, actuators and valves should be tightly packed and sealed.

Seal material gate valves should be checked for compliance with the transported medium. Sealing the surface gates lap on the machines of various designs, or manually by rolling the spindle by turning the valve with a gate in the walls of the sealing body. Gates and taps lap, then rotate the spool, cap, or a special lap for sealing surfaces of the gate. You can manually rotate the lapping, grinding or drilling machine. In valves after long-term storage gland packing should be replaced by a new one. Padding placed individual rings.

Laying of a spiral is not allowed. The height of breakdowns in the nest packing should be such that the jack is inserted into a glass seal could tighten if necessary. For valves up to 100 mm possible tightening gland is 20 mm, with a larger diameter fittings – 30mm. Gland packing for valves, actuators and valves are chosen depending on operating environment. If the working medium is water temperature to 100 C, it is recommended asbestos, talc braided or fluoroplastic packing. Armature valve type that is installed on the pipelines of hot water temperature of the hot water temperature to 140 C, must be fitting seal of heat-resistant rubber or fiber, and water temperature to 180 C and a pair of low pressure – from the fiber. Valves, Plug valves and valve bushing received in the assembly or directly to the installation of heating, hot and cold water, have a hydraulic pressure of 1 MPa for 2 min or air 0.15 MPa within 0.5 min. The pressure drop on the pressure gauge is not allowed. The test should be conducted in compliance with safety measures security. When a pneumatic test of piping parts and assemblies for the detection of defects is immersed in a water bath. Eliminate defects during testing jelly, chasing or pulling threaded connections are not allowed. At the assembly plants using special stands for a single test or group fittings. During the tests comply with the necessary safety precautions.

Spanish Memories

Here in Spain, available much free time and watched for many hours of television programs. And almost every day showing some of their activities. I called a lot of attention that the Spanish wanted both their kings and princes. He also liked to watch on TV to the Duchess of Alba. It seemed a very funny woman by the way that combined the colors of their clothing. In short, Esther felt really at home in Spain. Eventually she decided to go out alone in the neighborhood but never far away. I was sad to think that I had to turn around, but I had to.

Backlog had been many who had to finish. He felt he had been an excellent idea to bring Mabel and away from his memories, which at home had been in each piece of furniture, picture or object visible at every moment or was doing what he was doing. Here there was nothing that was material to the scope of his sight. For even more analysis, hear from Beth Israel Heart Transplant. The memories were in his heart, and those where they would be there forever. Esther was absolutely sure never nothing, neither time nor life, would be able to reduce the pain they produce. Alex and Mabel also knew I would have to leave and also to give them grief. Alex began to think that your dating relationship had to play a close and serious commitment and that there would be no better time to do that to happen before the mother left, so he could share the wedding day.

IG Markets

These indicators are marked in the financial calendar. Learn when and with what regularity is publishing these data to play with advantage. Finally, try to read about finance, economics and politics as much as possible. Newspapers, magazines, blogs, comments from analysts, reports the more information read, the greater their knowledge. To begin it is advisable to focus on a single market and begin to learn about him.

Here is a brief summary about the three most popular markets worldwide. Forex, or foreign exchange market this is the most extensive and popular of the world financial market. This popularity comes from the range of investors that attracts: from the largest banks worldwide, to private investors. This market, its liquidity and the large amount of money handled daily is remarkable. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant is likely to increase your knowledge. In addition the procedure is simple, you buy if you believe that the first currency named in the pair is going to strengthen, or sell if you think that it is going to weaken. Shares the stock price might be altered by certain factors.

As well as the global financial market, the stock market is also influenced by the economic situation of the moment, in addition to the performance of the company in question. To learn about the latest news about the actions and what will be the trend in the market is attentive to the media and also the comments of the experts in the market, that serve as a guide when it comes to operate. If you have decided to operate in this market, it is advisable to begin by focusing on those companies whose stock price is not particularly volatile. This way, even if your earnings are not massive, not be what their losses. Each raw raw materials might be influenced by a given factor. For example, the price of gold and the US dollar are closely related, so that investors use the stability of one to invest front the weakness of the other. I.e. in times in which the economy doesn’t go well, investors bet on gold. As with the actions, it is more advisable to start by those raw materials with a more stable trend. Conclusion either that is the market you choose, opt for financial instruments with a more stable price. To begin It is best to choose the market more familiar and more stable asset of the moment. Even so, never undervalued the risk associated with any transaction. Investors who operate on CFDs (contracts for differences) choose by using tools of risk management as a key part of its strategy. This is the reason why investors who have success, maintain its success. It is always a good idea before starting to operate a look online. There are vendors who offer the possibility of opening a free demo account with which you can rate how is the trading of CFDs and platform to use. IG Markets allows you to operate in all markets through CFDs. This company offers training courses, financial expert analyses and many other resources to help you expand your knowledge on the market and therefore, skill and success in it. The above comments do not constitute investment advice and therefore IG Markets does not accept any responsibility for any use that can be made of them. CFDs are a leveraged product and involve a high level of risk. CFDs may not be suitable for anyone, be sure that you understand fully the risks involved and perform a constant monitoring of your investment.

Social Media In The Tropics – Action (diamond) RaubTATZE

As the action #raubTATZE the Web2. 0 is revolutionizing social media, also known as the Web 2.0, brings much change in global communication. People who have never met, contact, Exchange messages, and network. But at one point, social media is not social at all: many people worldwide have no access to the Internet and not the worldwide exchange that with other people. This problem has been cracked Naturefund for a short time: the action #raubTATZE the predators to Rob their country back! “, can be sent messages through Twitter or send an email to the rural population in Nicaragua. These messages are translated and by v, the partner organization of Naturefund locally, farming families, schools and whole villages.

All news from Europe are now in a Twitterbuch”and can be read there and discussed. To read more click here: Beth Israel Heart Transplant. With the action #raubTATZE, Naturefund wants to draw attention to the threat of tropical dry forest and its biodiversity loss. At the Heavy rains, heat and long dry periods have created a forest habitat Pacific coast of Nicaragua with a unique flora and fauna. Here lives one of the rarest and almost completely unknown in our big cats of the Jaguarundi. This large cat, Brown Hunter to the genus of the Cougar and the only cat in the world, which has round pupils.

However, the Habitat of the Jaguarundis has almost disappeared. Only a few forest islands survived the deforestation of the last centuries. The Jaguarundi, which now is on the red list of the IUCN disappeared with the forests. Naturefund wants to buy one of the last dry forests covering an area of 140,000 square meters now, together with v and secure for the nature. On 4 August, Naturefund launched the action #raubTATZE, to call attention to the imminent disappearance of the dry forest and to attract donations for the purchase of the forest. But with the purchase alone is not enough.

Language School

A Spanish or French course easily remove from the own couch and by fair trade in a social business development assistance on May 22, 2010 launches social business The Web 2.0 – Internet portal offer cheap & individual language courses in Spanish and French native speakers from Africa and Latin America. It aims to provide an income the teachings on the spot. You can learn at the same time comfortably in this school of the own couch in Spanish and French. users via Skype can book individual courses. The special thing about it: The language teachers come from Peru, Guatemala, Senegal, the Ivory Coast or Ghana. For them, provides a supplemental income with long-term prospects. The language teachers here even set their hourly wages.

He is usually between three and ten euros. this is a relatively economical way to learn a language for the user. But not only that: it is possible in the evening lying on the couch, converse with a teacher from Senegal and even development aid is”, says glovico founder Tobias Lorenz. In addition, each hour of language is of intercultural exchange. Both sides can learn a lot from life and from the land of the other.” Future profits are in social projects reinvested the 28 Lorenz sees the future in entrepreneurial approaches to development cooperation.

He calls the concept of Fairtrade 2.0 “. With, he wants to make a profit. The portal aims to support only themselves. Future profits are reinvested in social projects.To ensure the quality of the lessons, Lorenz developed a community rating. Furthermore, users of the language courses can evaluate their teachers. A first language lesson to the pure trial”is free of charge. glovico stands for global”video conference. The portal has been tested in a beta version and now officially launches on May 22, 2010 Lorenz, who works in the main job at a foundation for business ethics, has paid the investment cost for glovico from his own pocket. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant may also support this cause. He describes himself as Social entrepreneurs.


The divorce can represent a legalization of the discord between the couple, that takes to a reorganization of the domestic structure and the convivncia between parents and children, generating distresses and uncertainties in all the members of the family and threatening the personal stability of these, causing changes in the familiar dynamics (SCHABBEL, 2005). The quality of the relations between parents and children, as well as the guarantee and conservation of optimum interest of these last ones, is intrinsically on to the form of relation and communication 11 that the parental pair will go to adopt the separation after. Frequent, the relation and the communication between the separate parents are crossed by not decided conjugal questions or badly decided, taking them it an interaction that costuma to spoil, beyond the mutual respect, optimum interest of the children. The situation of the divorce and the dispute of guard is a phenomenon of great impact inside of a familiar system and can provoke a series of reactions in the children, between them the conscientious fear or not of that the other genitor also goes even so and the idea of that the adults are not trustworthy/honest (SCHABBEL, 2005). Thus, for having a great potential to provoke instabilidades and changes in the familiar dynamics, the papers and the interpersonal relations between the members of a family, the phenomenon of the divorce can need attention and specialized cares of legal and not legal operators, with sights to the retaken one of the cycle of growth of the families and, in special, of the psicossocial development congruente of the children (SCHABBEL, 2005). Connect with other leaders such as Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant here. For Zuim and Leite (2010), the dynamic of the express conflicts in the services of Justice that families in situation of guard dispute take care of, generally have pipe the side with the logic of the procedural course, where if it always searchs the culprit for the dissolution of the conjugal union, the mutual attack the image of the other and autopromoo.


Modern apartment renovation represents the realization of original designs to create interiors of a variety of ways. In addition to new construction and finishing materials and improved technologies, creating an interior involves the calculation and placement of furniture. Efficiently distribute the free indoor space allows the furniture made in individual sizes. Custom-made furniture, the main advantage of which is the "merger" with the wall, is a comfortable and ergonomic. Furniture, custom differs versatility, unique design and high quality performance. A manufacturer hallways to order cabinet compartments for all residential and office premises, is satisfied with regard to individual size and customer preference.

Custom-made furniture combines high performance, the use of advanced materials and emerging technologies. Careful selection of furniture and decoration materials, makes furniture to order style and originality. Color selection of furniture, often depends on the individual nature of the client, such as inessential person prefer a lighter tone and more conservative people in the interior needed dark and black shades. To date, production of furniture to order a demand in almost all cities in Russia and abroad. Simply buy or order cabinets coupe in Moscow, you can quickly and easily in any metropolitan furniture showrooms, stores or directly to the factory-fitted. In addition, the book racks coupe in Moscow through directories and portals on the Internet for today, is an excellent solution for those who do not want to spend your spare time searching for suitable options for furniture, running on all shops of the city. Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant might disagree with that approach. Selection of furniture online – shopping, allows you to purchase different options at a significantly reduced price, with consistently high quality products. Dressing rooms are one of the most popular options fitted furniture for optimal placement of clothes and things, while eliminating the need to purchase additional boxes. Manufacturing wardrobe rooms requires a special approach and participation of qualified experts who can find the right location for walk-in closet and develop its design. In the absence of additional facilities for use by their dressing room, sliding doors separating the part of the indoor space will be an excellent alternative for creating a convenient repository for things.