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Breakthrough Strategy

This point – the mirror Reflection of Trade at 1. Accordingly, the behavior of traders is exactly the opposite way around – it should sell in the third contact with the downward price trend, carried out on two consecutive a declining price peaks reached the market earlier. The choice of these peaks is simple: we […]

Skill Market

When you develop the skill of taking a risk the market will cease to generate information that is perceived painful. And if the market information is unable to cause emotional discomfort, the fears go away. I think that it's easier not to express the difference between successful traders and others. Successful traders are not gripped […]

Palm Strip

Accommodation in Istanbul is very cheap. We advise settle in the Sultanahmet area, you will be forgiven is full of bags, and all sights are easy to find. For example, Best Island Hostel offers double rooms for 12 euros and is located in the heart of the city. To book a hotel for more comfort […]

Forex Two Approaches

Based on the book ‘Trader-Mage’ ( Everyone, even the novice trader knows that from the perspective of psychology and methods of work, there are two main approaches to the extraction of profits from the market. In the first case the trader behaves aggressively. Wanting to quickly and a lot of money, it operates on the […]


That is, write a couple of relatively literate stateek by virtue of many. But this does not mean that copyrighting is open for you with open arms. Why? We must consider several fundamental factors right for you … Free-lance as a whole? Writing as a subspecies of free employment implies certain amount of time. And […]