Should You Believe The Stars ?

The modern world with his scientific approach to absolutely any problem seek dislodge from the human mind any superstitions, including the belief in astrology, or the courtship of dreams. All people with academic degrees do not hesitate classified into the category of "old wives' tale." But let us reflect for a moment: Is everything happening around us, unable to explain the science? Is it not happened to you something of this from what's back suddenly ran chill? Of course, most of the guesswork is ineradicable from human desires for a while, only for a moment, but look into the future. We hope to see where the answers to tantalizing questions of us, and just to make sure that everything will be well. And if not – we want to know how you can avoid it. Palmists and astrologers of old foretold the destiny of man along the lines of his hands by the stars in the sky. And I must say that their predictions often come true. General speaking, the methods of palmistry, astrology and the like, there is nothing supernatural, it's the same science, just not recognized officially.

To predict the future on the lines on the palm, does not necessarily have paranormal abilities, you just know how to be interpreted certain lines and their location. The situation is similar to astrology. Horoscopes appeared long before Christianity came to us again from the pagan times. They are prepared individually for each person, and not for the signs of the zodiac in general. Professional horoscope reveals all human abilities and is made by a stellar card. By the way, these cards are used not only astrologers, and psychologists and other therapists. Unfortunately, the availability of astrological techniques has led to a set of quacks, not studied the subject, but the thirst for money already infected. Hence the age-old persecution astrology as a science, and attempts to prove that astrological predictions immeasurably far from reality. However, despite all the controversy, astrology is alive and well, benefiting people and enjoy the forecasts, believe it or not – It is everyone decides for himself, the more that blindly trust the horoscopes are not worth it. But if you think – is superfluous to have another chance to understand themselves and their relations with the outside world, to find the right path in life? On this road will not prevent an extra pointer, because so many people manage to stray from it. So why ignore the explicit instructions that can give astrology? It is simply illogical.

View Online

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