CMS Load

According to the surveys on the Internet, printing some basic characteristics to the extent of their importance: 1) Free – hence the conclusion, to free the vast majority of people are inclined. 2) Ease of use and control – very important characteristics. Few systems are simple and also very convenient administration panel system. If we talk about convenience, here is a better look at the direction of development of this engine (the main appointment). 3) Security – the third criterion which is often overlooked. Naturally, the larger the system is used, the more vulnerabilities will be found in it, so do not look at prizritelno number of errors, but think it is worth. 4) The load on the system – also a very important factor if the system load is between 50 and 000 visits per day, then you should better buy the boxed version a commercial version of 1C-Bitrix, Netcat, UMI.CMS, free only alternative is to Joomla. 5) The widespread use of the network – by this I mean a factor is not primarily the popularity of the system, and that is the result – that there are many plugins, modules, templates, hacks, etc.

I will CMS to consider an average attendance of a site, because I threw out a list of 1C-Bitrix, Netcat, UMI.CMS (especially since I do not want to pay money if all you can do for free). About joomla tell apart – it's very flexible, virtually unlimited in system capabilities. BUT! to create a very high quality, beautiful site with lots of features, you need a lot of time … in my case it is not suitable, particularly in server load … no throw from the list. Now, what should to decide – the direction (which site? what he should do? that like?) I will call the following areas: 1) Forum to create a forum I use: a) Vbulletin (very high level of security, performance, availability multiple templates on the Internet) b) IPB (speed, security, templates …

Ukrainian Men

I very much heard before about these agencies and how the women found their mates and gained happiness, and not very happy history, one might even say scary on the shoots of our compatriots of brutal foreign husbands and wanderings on a foreign country without documents and money. Therefore, I not only pondered but also acquired a variety of information to choose the agency that you want to make sure the safety and effectiveness to further my desk. Q. Is it easy for you manage to find a solution second half abroad? A. I have said above that there were some disturbing moments, but I think it's special cases. Does not frighten me, what I'm looking for a husband abroad, if it really happens and I'll meet the one who always conquer my heart – nothing else will matter. Q. Do you know that a lot of western men with suspicion and doubt are real and sincere Ukrainian women? Did you hear about these cases? A.

Of course, I think heard about it all. I can not accuse western men in unnecessarily distrust. After all, was really quite the case when the Ukrainian women pursued completely different goals when meeting. For example, just improve their financial situation by trusting foreigners. But it's also special cases, I hope the men will hold and will not judge him on all Ukrainian. Q. Tell me, as a Ukrainian woman, is it possible to find a loving, caring and respectful man with another country.