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Possible activities in the Internet of students in remote VyatGGU search for information (to work with web browsers, databases, reference systems, work in digital libraries, electronic search catalogs, purchase of paid and free textbooks, etc.); communication (e-mail, individual letters within the site, participate in forums, chats, video conferencing, communicating through ICQ, etc.); publication in the […]

AMS Software

Very often, we have accumulated a lot of photographs, which are very dear to us and remind us of any significant life events. However, in such a way to use them is not very convenient, especially because of their nesistematizirovannosti. Much better if these images will no longer be solely our property, and they will […]

Internet Hosting

Your choice in the market, we build on the relationship of price and quality that we offer. Hosting is no exception. Quality hosting services is composed of three elements: the technical possibilities host, its reliability and level of technical support. When choosing a hosting provider, but the cost should take into account these criteria. That […]