Monthly Archives: May, 2012

Motorola Milestone

For example, you can do in two fingers push the edge of the photo and it thus increase the on-screen. Specifications Motorola Sholes (code-named model) are impressive. This is not surprising. All applications for Android are written in the Java programming language and working on a virtual machine, which by definition is quite demanding on […]

Programming Game

Since a large portion of my life is devoted to an entertaining game called Encounter, a couple of words about it. Briefly the essence is this: The game was invented by the lads garni Belarusian Ivan Maslyukov some time ago. As things in our lives, the basis for this was still small voice from the […]

Macromedia Dreamweaver

And the programs that are decent sites is not easy. I also did not allow the passage of about the design … I wondered, 'How can you teach me …' Of course I tried to explain, but the result was usually zero. Then, my patience came to an end and I started looking into gourmet […]

Routers Cisco Record

Doing ‘log’ log a search of mutual agreement between obtaining the maximum information and the amount of digestible information. Basically, a sysadmin use log files when you have problems with network equipment. The main advantage of the log is timely information about the potential problems. In general, network administrators do not change the default settings […]

Construction Surveying Buildings

Surveyors – original science of the Earth (Greek GE + daiomai land parcel). Surveying has been studying the size of the Earth as a whole and its parts, as well as observations of celestial bodies (space geodesy, astronomogeodeziya). It appeared as far back as ancient times and was needed for construction, the division of land, […]