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Toshiba will launch in U.S.A., aoutoesteroscpia TV 3D (that is, it does not need eyeglasses). TV already is commercialized in Japan and in Germany with the name of 55lz2, the price esteem of aparelhoo is about 10 a thousand dollars almost 18 a thousand Reals (without counting the taxes). Toshiba television set in contrast of […]

Cellular Companies

This I bring about the fury of the main companies of cellular. The FCC nevertheless decidio to allow only to the use of software and apparatuses of free application. This creates several questions of how Google podria to use this bandwidth to be winning. The finder in providing broadband access or telephony will focus. The […]

Company Requirements

Analyzing at great length problematic the previous one, this work proposes like scientific problem to solve: How to identify the requirements of software of the process of Legalizations from needs expressed by the client? Of this form the Engineering of Requirements considers like investigation object. It will be had like General mission of Investigation: To […]