The generation of videos for the Web has nowadays become a forced activity Publishers and to webmaster, especially with the effective use of the social networks like Youtube. Nevertheless to find appropriate music for a video by short that this is, is often a mammoth work because it is understood that good an audio one is the key between a video of good quality and other that is not it. Wide-awake music emotions and accompanies the feelings when images visualize; the images and the audio one are inseparable companions who always must agree when he is to transmit ideas of effective way. For the people who we worked in edition of Video, often to find musical a subject appropriate it is quite difficult task. Not always we have a good musical repertoire, but an inexhaustible source of good music to make video is the Hoaxes and chains of messages that on a daily basis arrive in format pps or ppt to us. In these messages so persecuted by some lovers of luxury of the Internet we can find what we looked for: audio only very appropriate tracks of for the videos which they raise Youtube.

In them somebody already took the work to find musical the subject appropriate. However, How it is made? Of two forms: First, using the same program Power Point. With PP you can export the archives of images and sound from its same platform, following the following procedure: We give right click in mouse and selected To change to name, changing the extension to *.ppt. Later the file with PowerPoint is abre, we give to click in File > To keep how > Another Formatos> To keep like tipo> Page Web. Then *.htm will be created a file and a folder with the same name containing the archives of the slide (the images and the sound). Secondly, if you do not have PowerPoint, the software PowerPointImageExtractor unloads which allows you to extract all the images and archives of sound (in format WAV). This program is free and it gives a folder to you with the archives that you need.

Virus Computer Malware

How to defend of the Virus computer science (Malware) and the Troyanos? – 1 of 2 malware or malicious software is a designed program to infect private equipment and to commit crimes like fraud, robbery of information and robbery of identity. One has become a great problem in the cybernetic world then taking advantage the vulnerability of the operating systems and the navigators malware can easily introduce malicious troyanos in equipment that they do not own a security adapted. How they propagate the Troyanos? Habitually, the troyanos they hide in worms and virus to propagate easily by electronic mails, but its presence more and more begins to be frequent in instantaneous messages, movable telephones, and programs of gratuitous unloading; in this one last one it is necessary to have much taken care of, since it is possible that usuary trusting and unprotected they unload troyanos thinking that they are games, films, music reproducers, or more worse still thinking than they are anti-virus very good, because these jump to the screen dicindote that you have hundreds of virus in your PC. The troyanos also can be on the lookout in shared files with friendly, relatives and fellow workers through networks of interchange of archives. Like result, if you use an equipment to sail by Internet, to realise purchases, to conduct banking operations, to send electronic mails, or to play without the suitable protection, you are in danger high to be one of its victims. The protection against these the attacks of diverse facets requires of the integration of technologies Anti-virus, antispyware and of fire-guards. But the question Which are the anti-virus safest? What safety measures I use? My reads following article. How to defend of the Virus Computer science (Malware) and the Troyanos?