Trahtemberg Leon

IN THE COUNTRY OF THE WONDERS OF LEON TRAHTEMBERG. As always Mr. Trahtemberg is as Abraham Valdelomar in ironic form would say criticized to the society limea." Peru is Lima, files is the shred of the Union, the Shred of the Union is the Palis Concert, and Palias concert I am yo". Thus Mr. Leon creates the same, but he adds that he files is the university of the Pacific. It does not know that in Peru they exist multitude of nations that stops its eyes are invisible, is the same attitude that an educational psychologist had, when he was mentioned to him that the Peruvian society cannot be measured with the western parameters. In order to respond one went by the tangent, but never it could respond to the posed question.

It begins making the question of: how excellent it is the scholastic education in the university performance? being sent to the study realised by Arlette Beltrn and Kar them the Serna of the university Of the Pacific. What it does not say is to what population segment represents this one study and which cannot become general to all the population. Or he will be as obtuse as the educational siclogo that works for telephone, when not being able to see most evident, than is the differences between an unreal and subjective nation and several real nations that to look for its insertion in the economic or social life in this territory dominated by the subjetivismo. And it is that they only know the territory, its apparent geography that can only be observed when the visit that all tourist does, with the reservation becomes that this one knows more our territory than our flaming academic ones. In which it can be clear, and it is certain and valid, it is as far as the observation that becomes to the pre-university called schools bad.

United States

In our plan, WWS would provide to the electrical energy for heating and the transport (industries that would have to renew if the world has some hope to restrain the climatic change). We have assumed that more fossil fuels (of heating as well as furnaces and stoves) can be replaced by electrical systems and more vehicles of fossil fuel transport can replace by electrical vehicles of batteries and fuel batteries. The hydrogen, produced by electrolysis with WWS electricity, would feed the batteries on fuel to produce electricity in the emplearia industry and in the motors of the airplanes. Great amount of provisions Nowadays the maximum power that is consumed in the world at any time given is of approximately 12.5 trillions of watts (teravatios or TW), in accordance with the information of energy of agency EIA of the USA. The agency anticipates that in 2030 the world will demand 16.9 TW of power due to the increase of population and the global standard of life, with approximately 2.8 TW in the United States. The predicted mixture of sources would be similar to the one of today, and would depend to a great extent on fossil fuels. If, on the contrary, the planet totally were moved by WWS, no there would be burning fire of fossil fuels or biomass, and a saving in the primary power consumption would take place. The global demand of energy would be reduced to only 11.5 TW, and the demand of the USA would be of 1.8 TW. This reduction takes place because, in the majority of the cases, the electrification is one more a more efficient form to use the energy. For example, only between a 17% and 20% of the existing energy in the gasoline it is transformed into mechanical energy to move the vehicle (the rest is wasted like heat), whereas from the 75 to 86% of the electricity given by his A battery an electrical vehicle, it is transformed into movement.