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As traditional conception, we understand that the way of being we have cannot change. When we say for example: my MOM so, is super responsible or as I am shy, I can’t get or given the age that I am, I can not. Today I want to share with you a renewed vision of what […]


You want to be an entrepreneur, but that type of company are going to open? What enterprise system fits best with your purpose? Instead of thinking in which it must reflect on the as. For the novice entrepreneur, start from scratch without any support is an arduous and complex task. You not only have much […]

Tu Marketing

But, now that you have already defined the areas of business, income and profits generated each one of these areas, and specific for each of these goals, what we need to do? Well, now that the table is served, you should try shredding the process of sale and marketing, if it exists, to enhance each […]