Monthly Archives: July, 2013

The Past

Taking pills to reassure the 30, to follow and it had an ulcer in two years. Don’t see it? I did it in self-defense and kill her was one of the sensations more desired, pleasurable and planned for the past two years. It was easy to kill her. He knew how it worked, he woke […]

The Spa

When stress builds up, if there is no way to relieve it, began to attack your body, and will soon feel muscles and body aches, fatigue, and nausea. These symptoms may affect your thinking and lead you to make serious mistakes in the work and/or your private life. Regular visits to the spa you provide […]

Carlos Tapia Wildcard

The revisionism when it reaches its maximum power of influence in the oppressed masses, passes into reformism conciliator with the big bourgeoisie and holder of the system. It’s what happened with Carlos Tapia, which its mere presence in the Cabinet of advisors of the humalismo makes that animosity among the masses; acarre for the as […]

The Minerals

If you want to lose 2 pounds per week, creating a deficit of 1000 calories through exercise is much more difficult and is out of reach for many. To burn this amount of energy, will need you to exercise twice a day and at a very high intensity. Create a deficit of 500 calories through […]

Reason Vista

Whether from heaven to hell or amid the chaos and destruction, David Lachapelle still surprise fans of photography with its aesthetic feature full of possible interpretations of social, political and religious speeches. Lachapelle is a recognized artist who has skyrocketed to celebrities, advertising campaigns and own artistic interests during a long career in the global […]