Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden never lived in the Americas, but has become the greater voter us. Thanks to the massacre who directed the 11-S-2001 Bush took off in the polls. Until then, he was a new President who had low popularity and who had come to the post despite having lost in the elections. To the extent that Bush has been unable to capture it or halt their advance, the ruling Republican party has been being mined. Bin Laden would best votes that McCain could attract is if this would be captured or if you undertake another macro-atentado. The Democrats just adopted the Obama-Biden, the same way that iron while bears a resemblance to the name of the leader of Al Qaeda, could well win the elections provided the figure of Osama Bin Laden does not route back to the foreground. Osama, however, should be assessing that an Obama victory might you more damaging than a McCain, because African American would give a new image to the United States and out of Iraq to focus on search to hunt it. Original author and source of the article.

Coaching As A Means Of Staff Development

In recent years become increasingly obvious that the future of any organization depends on the capabilities and productivity growth of its employees. On the other hand, the future of any employee depends on the its value to the organization, the value of his knowledge and skills. Thus, for the organization and its employees is important the process of continual staff development. That is the process of acquiring knowledge and skills required are not Only at this stage, but in the future. Therefore, if an organization is not only interested in immediate results, it makes sense to think about the long-term programs of staff development.

All management functions can be reduced by essentially to two: the first – neposredstvennoe personnel management and business protsessamii, the second – the development of staff. And if the first function is usually satisfied, then the second is often overlooked. And if they remember that not always do it, citing a lack of time, lack of the necessary and so on. Yet it is precisely this feature manager determines the success of the company in the future. Conditions on the market are changing rapidly, and sometimes, it is the ability of employees to adapt quickly to new requirements and conditions plays a key role in the further development of the company. Of course, almost all companies today are organized and conducted various activities focusing on staff development: training, seminars, courses and so on. Such events allow employees to acquire the necessary knowledge, develop the necessary personal qualities to work. However, modern conditions require continuous development, and this could only be achieved directly in the process.

To do this, it would be appropriate to use coaching. To date, coaching – is not only an effective Style management. It is also the most cost-effective means of staff development. Indeed, the issue of improving the efficiency of their employees engaged in their own managers in time and in the workplace, without any loss of performance.