Vicente Beached

Between the individuals there is no doubt, the triumph of the bearish option is overwhelming. Once again it seems that the professional investors have one more a more stable vision and they do not change so much of opinion based on the violent rolls of the markets, something that comes perceiving since we began to realise this survey in December. In any case, with the cautious vision of the world that is come off the survey, it does not have to surprise the intentions of investment for the next months, that are absolutely anti risk. As it is possible to be seen, the fear to the variable rent enters the individuals stands out to their wide ones and the favourite answer is " fodder not to invest in next the three meses" , chosen by 31 by iento. And also they point many the option of " depsitos" , that rises to the 21 percent. Between that yes they dare with the variable rent, it surprises that again stock-market Spanish is the first option, before the black omens on our economy. It follows to him very close by the European variable rent.

However, it undergoes a strong fall the emergent American and bags. Between the professionals the preferences are very different. Half almost declares stock-market American like their main election, followed remote by the emergent variable rent and the European. Between this public, that, stock-market yes Spanish it remains in the tail van. This survey of Morningstar and Unience has been realised between the 17 and the 23 of May. The next one will take place between the 21 and the 27 of June. For any additional information related to this survey or Unience, it contacts with Vicente Beached, Community Manager of 661941598 Tlf original Author and source of the article.