Rainbow International Holdings

Lutz Konerding is new franchise partner of the rehabilitation specialist, the specialist for water and fire damage remediation Rainbow International opened its eleventh franchise operating in the free State of Bavaria on Monday, the 30.7.2012. New franchisee is the 45 year old Lutz Konerding, which now offers the complete restoration service in the region rose home with his team. With the opening of Rosenheim, the service network in Bavaria continues. At the same time, this creates important synergies for our target group from the insurance industry. Our goal has it also 2013 more farms in the Lander of Baden-Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Hesse and North Rhine-Westphalia so the CEO of Rainbow International Germany, Tobias Baumann.

We give time!” When a water or fire damage, fast action and good organization is required. By the strong local presence of each Rainbow International Holdings can water or fire damage within 48 hours free be visited. After taking damage, the customer receives a detailed cost estimate by all necessary remedial measures are accurately listed. After placing the order, immediately first remedial measures are initiated by companies on-site. While the cause of the damage also a hidden water pipe burst can be determined by modern technology (leak detection). The portfolio of work ranging from building drying moisture measurement to the recovery of all parts of the building (tiling, painting, etc.).

It remains always the maxim to make as soon as possible again ready for the real estate of the injured party. After completion of the work, the policy holder is informed immediately and is a joint final inspection with the customer,”says Kanse. The areas of communication and transparency are an important part of the international service of the Rainbow. The trained service team responded immediately after the initial phone call and arranged appointments with tenants and owners. In case of enquiries, Rainbow International is the customer of every time.

Bottomlines Solutions

Jones reported: the DMS EXPO is an essential part of Bottomlines investment in the DACH region and demonstrates the commitment of the company to expand its presence in these countries. We want to help more companies to improve their document and information management processes by using our solutions to document process automation.” Bottomline is exhibiting at booth 5A56. For more information of Dhillon came by email at on the DMS EXPO DMS EXPO in Stuttgart is the leading event for enterprise content management. The fair offers a good platform on which leading operators and visitors can exchange information and ideas. The exhibition program covers the core topics, including ERP, CRM, ECM and output management.

While the exhibition addressed especially IT managers and business decision makers. About Bottomline Technologies Bottomline Technologies (NASDAQ: EPAY) is a worldwide provider of cloud based payment, billing and banking solutions for businesses, financial institutions and banks. The company’s solutions are used to streamline processes, automate, and manage, include the payment, billing, global Bargeldverwaltungs, supply chain finance and transactional documents. Organizations rely on bottomline and their solutions to achieve competitive differentiation and optimization of working capital cost reduction. Bottomline is headquartered in the United States. Other locations are in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region. For more information, see bottomline technologies and the bottomline technologies logo are trademarks of Bottomline Technologies (de), Inc. which may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

All other brand / product names may be trademarks of their respective owners. Cautionary language this press release may contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995: actual results may differ materially from our expectations as a result of various important factors, including but emergency limited to competition, market demand, technological change, strategic relationships, recent acquisitions, international operations and general economic conditions. For additional discussion of these and other factors that could impact our operational and financial results, refer to our filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, including our form 10-K for the fiscal year ended June 30, 2012 and subsequently Haft. Any forward looking statements represent our views only as of today and we do not assume any obligation to update such statements.

Monetary Authority

Although they reflected optimism economic growth expectations by the Monetary Authority, these projections were combined with a pessimistic regarding the evolution of prices view since it predicted in its report that deflation will remain three years, rather than the two years that envisaged in its previous report. The variation of prices retail core of the month of September (excluding food and energy), showed a contraction of the top 1% to 0.9% from the month of August. Retail prices observed in the interannual variation, a contraction of 2.3 per cent. The Japanese experience of the 90 where deflation has limited the growth of Japan’s economy is once again present and should limit optimism to give rise to preventive policies that prevent any possibility of relapse in the economy. In an economy where prices continue to fall, it is crucial to see if that falling prices will be a pressure on economic activity, it acknowledged in a report the Bank of Japan itself. Why the boxwood? It maintains limited fears and hopes that the economy can grow at a good pace from the fiscal year 2011? The entity relies in a gradual and uninterrupted fading of deflationary pressures. However, although since the Monetary Agency is expected a slowdown in the deflationary Dynamics until a negative variation of the order of 0.4% towards the 2011 fiscal year, the reduction in the margins of profitability by falling prices, with possible derivations on the level of employment, can curb the recovery expected in the economy and even reverse their behaviour to bring it back into recession. In this way, not to generate pressures against the economic recovery, deflation will impose restrictions on benchmark interest rates that will remain at their lows for a long time, beyond the estimated time for the interest rates of reference elsewhere in developed countries and in development. With the divergence to be observed in the behavior of monetary policy between countries, will extend the margin between rates, which will allow enticing benefits in operative of the carry trade type.

Free Trade Agreement

Solicito helps. Work in a company that has been involved in a financial crisis. and gain more knowledge.. As a result of this crisis its image has been seen seriously damaged, as much in the mind of its internal public like of the public opinion. It is for that reason that I resort to you to see if pages could facilitate me Web or bibliographical references and articles where the subject is plans of communication in the days of crisis. Aid! Frequently we were with this request of aid in the publicity agencies, in the virtual forums, magazines, newspapers, and, frequently, there are no immediate visible alternatives.

During several years back I have evolved like spokesman, publicist, journalist, public relacionador, director of communications or manager of trade of several multinational companies. Also, on the other hand, I have been executive of accounts of prestigious international advertising agencies and, now, I am consulting independent. In all these rolls it has been called on to me to face situations of scandals and attacks through reporters in the mass media (radio, presses, television or Internet) mark, company or client that look for their loss of prestige or to influence in the public opinion with aims to compete in disloyal form or by conflicts of commercial interests in the majority of the cases. How to preserve the image of my institution or client and his marks at these difficult moments? This is the great question that we become the professionals of the communication when our company – of sudden movement it is in the sight of mass media and its name appears in great holders with negative adjectives. We leave to respond? But What we will respond? He will be contrapoducente to answer these attacks? Will be better to have left we been silent and to leave the news they circulate them and to hope that she lowers the negative noise? We take care of the journalists who look for our version of the facts? And if this rather makes worse the things? It goes urgent moments! is incredible but Silence also communicates! To remain been silent is not better solution, but is necessary to plan careful and strategically the key messages of contingency to disclose to obtain a suitable positioning that it changes, at least, or balance the discursivo context of the public debate through mass media. It is an error to think that with advertising campaign we will obtain a conventional it, this is only one tool among others that they could be used, following each situation. The handling of a situation crisis specifically and generally the management of the corporative image and the communication has undergone in the last ten or fifteen years an unusual development. In some countries still it is a unknown discipline but that will acquire height shortly. The globalisation and entrance in use of Free Trade Agreement with the consequent arrival of customary expert international companies of this subject and to a lifted corporative culture, will force to the professionals of the communication and the enterprise executives to become qualified, to plan, to control and to measure the image of institution, that is its assets of greater value.

Orchid Roots

The Chinese are the first mention of the orchids. The records of Confucius that up to him 2,500 years ago in China grow these beautiful indoor plants. And in Europe began to import orchids for almost 200 years ago from India, South and South-East Asia South America. And the Europeans quickly fell in love with these unusual flowers. In London, at auction for a given individual copies of 2-2.5 thousand pounds sterling.

Englishman Joseph Banks is a pioneer of orchids in Europe. In 1759, Princess August fascinated by these exotic flowers founded the first botanical gardens. The most popular orchids are epiphytes, such as vanilla orchid. It's flowers growing on the trunks and branches of trees. For this Nature provided them with roots that hold and feed the plants in such unusual circumstances. The roots are very strong, and able to extract moisture from the air. But this requires high humidity. At home orchid tropical storms do not uncommon.

Russia did not remain aloof from the craze of orchids, which swept across Europe. Englishman Sander began supplying orchids to the royal court, and soon the whole of the Russian nobility caught interest in these colors. In 1912, is formed Moscow Society of Lovers of orchids. It was headed by Ivan Troyanovsky. Frequently Goop has said that publicly. In 1913 was published for his work "The Culture of Orchids", which is still relevant today. Soon there are groups of Orchid in St. Petersburg and the provinces of the Russian Empire. Conducted various meetings and exhibitions in the Orchid societies, where for quite reasonable money could buy rare instances.

Cardiovascular Diseases

The heart can to Bye Bye Hairs to him. And it is that company of reference in our country in sector of fotodepilacin (hair-removing system that offers permanent results in few sessions, without pain and to a very reasonable price), wants to show its solidarity with the work that day to day the Spanish Foundation of the Heart at the time of bringing back to consciousness to the society carries out on the cardiovascular diseases, first cause of death in Spain. " We wish to put our sand grain with the collaboration of todosnuestros centers in a nonmonetary contribution that helps as far as possible to reduce this type of deaths but that it supposes a series of income to the Fundacin" , Carmen explains Lozano, Chief of a main directorate of Bye Bye Hairs. An action in solidum that from the Spanish Foundation of the Heart is thankful since not only it will help to that a greater number of citizens can come up before to cure but also to collect bottoms for the sensitization actions that this institution carries out. " From the Spanish Foundation of Heart we evaluated positively our participation in this type of campaigns, since the final mission of the contribution that we received is to foment the adoption of healthful habits of life like measurement of prevention against the ECV (cardiovascular diseases), first cause of death in Spain and mundo" , it comments the Dr. Leandro Place, president of the FEC. For that reason Bye Bye Hairs, has started up a sensitization campaign with the purpose of to collect money for this organization, in whom it requests the solidarity of the greater number of people. " Of as simple way as the one to send sms to the 25118 with the word HEART and whose cost is of 1.20 Euros we will try to collect the greater number posible".