Liezen Inhabitants

A mayor DISCOVERS a solution for the CRISIS world La great Crisis economic world which begins in 1929, is triggered because the monetary policies of the U.S. Federal Reserve. Unemployment has spread like a plague and there is nothing else to buy. In the town of Worgl in the Tirol, Austria, 1. 500 people are unemployed and there are 200 families without resources. At that time Worgl had 4. 300 inhabitants.

Mayor Michael Unterguggenberger wondered: you people who want and know how to work can do it simply because there is no money to pay them?. In a book of Silvio Gesell read what you could do: issued vouchers for work that indicate a 1 to 1 with the shillings equivalence. For this reason the inhabitants of Worgl recognize them as money. At every end of month at this money should paste a stamp corresponding to 1% of the value of the ticket as a fee per use – rate of circulatory stimulation! On July 31, 1932 begins the experiment, with the first vouchers issued by the Mayor, paid workers who built the channels of sanitation. To save the fee for use, these soon deliver tickets to the Baker, buying bread. This in turn is rushing by delivering to the Carpenter who arrange the Windows. Carpenter leads them to the butcher for sausages, and East to the blacksmith for a new gate.

Both desire to save, citizens pay city tax in advance. With this the Mayor does fix the street. Thus the circle starts again. The inhabitants of Worgl have full employment and the city takes on a new infrastructure. The experiment is so successful that found imitators in other communes, including the municipalities of St. Polten and Lilienfeld, Kirchbichl in Tyrol and Liezen in Styria, finally are 200 municipalities that want to introduce similar to the Worgl monetary experiments in Austria.

Jose Bonet Grill

Logically this should be the page where conduct subtly to our sailors, unless they are given you have, because it will leave us on the look that you want them to sell should lead you through internal links to this page that should contain a powerful header of our product’s benefits and make the sale FAQ (questions and answers). The majority of questions asked by customers are repetitive, so it is interesting to create a page with questions and answers, esa’s most way we avoid answering one and again to the same questions Pago.htm is highly recommended to create a page in which the buyer can see different alternatives to buy a product(,(No todo el mundo tiene tarjeta), must provide to the client that can send us money by bank transfer, PayPal, Moneygram.) explain you how you must pay and how we will make delivery hotspot.We should have a page the more entertaining possible for sailors, it is very important that you say, leave impressions comments, with which we increase the warmth that so much is missing in Internet can get with a forum, a chat, or by messenger, by which can create a forum and do link it on your page bulletin UNA DE LAS P?PAGES more important, is to create a newsletter and that you leave your details, annotated and the most important, your email, remember that with the list of customers is the most precious we have, since we can perform our campaigns and if they are interested they will buy us products, and if they don’t, then maybe interested in another product servicios.htm if we have other products or services to offer, it is vital to be able to make a small relationship so that customer can lie about what we can offer you; this will depend on the type of company that we or the twofold to sell map htm. Jonathan Merkh spoke with conviction. On this page we will have related all pages of our site, offering a link so that the Navigator can comfortably access any of them.

Katrin Kirchgassner DELO

Industrial adhesive manufacturer increases the presence on the largest continent on Earth Windach / Taipei / Bangkok, June 19, 2013: from Lake Ammersee to Asia: DELO industrial adhesives participate this month in two trade fairs on the Asian continent: from 18 to 20 June 2013 is international system supplier of high-tech adhesives and devices represented on the OPTO Taiwan in Taipei. In addition, presents the Hidden Champion from 20 to 23 June 2013 on the automotive manufacturing in Bangkok (Thailand)’s extensive product portfolio. At the OPTO Taiwan, DELO puts focus on high-tech products for optoelectronics, as bonds LED reflectors and lenses, compact camera module (CCM cameras). Automotive manufacturing, the company introduces innovative adhesives for use in the electronics, electric motors, automotive cameras, as well as in mechanical engineering,. In addition to the portfolio of adhesive, DELO offers the matching DELOLUX lamps for curing UV and light curing adhesives. South-East Asia and China is for DELO an important sales market. On December 1, 2012 the company has an own subsidiary in Singapore, DELO industrial adhesives (Singapore) Pte.

Ltd., established. “On March 27, 2013, followed by DELO industrial adhesives (Shanghai), co., Ltd.” in China. This has DELO there storage capacity for adhesives and can provide service for equipment such as LED curing lights and better meet customer needs. Long-time trading partner in China’s electronic scientific Engineering Ltd. (ESE), headquartered in Hong Kong.

In Southeast Asia, the IR Corporation PTE Ltd. headquartered in Singapore supports the German medium-sized companies. About DELO: DELO is a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives based in Windach near Munich. In the last fiscal year to 31.03.2013, 350 employees generated a turnover of 51.7 million euros. The company offers tailor-made special adhesives and systems for applications in specific sectors of the electronics to the chip card and Automotive supply industry as well as in the glass and plastics processing. The customers include companies such as Bosch, Daimler, Festo, Infineon, Knowles and Siemens. DELO has a network of worldwide offices and resellers. Press contact: Katrin Kirchgassner DELO industrial adhesives DELO-Allee 1, D-86949 Windach phone + 49 8193 9900-391 fax + 49 8193 9900-5391 E-Mail

Marketing Fund

The former economic way of “Federal Government and today’s political and business consultant Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Bert Rurup attacks in his presentation of banking crises, debt, population aging: the future of retirement savings” on the current situation on the markets and trend-setting ways out of the crisis. Steffen Ritter considered outstanding specialist and leading coach for successful entrepreneurs, sales professionals and intermediaries in Germany.

“His speech automatically sell more, BEST OF – ideas for brokers ‘ gives practical advice, how agents can expand their professional success. In addition to the wide range of exhibitors, convinced the KVK trade fair with a star-studded training program. Top speakers such as Hans D. Schittly, Hagen Engelhard, Gerhard Pscherer, Jan H. Honle, Joachim Raj ear and Martin Muller give valuable support for their everyday visitors on the way. The KVK fair of Fund financial Broker service GmbH is held for the third time this year.

The fair is aimed offering targeted at insurance agents, Insurance brokers, bankers, home savings representatives and other financial service providers. They can inform themselves on CeBIT with 150 exhibitors directly about their product offerings and the novelties of the year 2013. At the end of the exhibition, all visitors at a trendy Club in Cologne are invited to let the day end together with the exhibitors. Free registration for the 3rd KVK trade fair in Cologne under: the Fund financial Broker service the Fund financial Broker service GmbH is the largest financial broker pool of in Germany. The Munich company is nationwide with more than 26,000 sales partners, 180 employees and 130 regional directors. Finance, the Fund revenues in the fiscal year 2011 EUR 109.3 million. The profit amounted to EUR 10.1 million (profit of from ordinary activities). Financial supports the Fund comprehensive and award-winning sales intermediaries in the fields of life, health, property, investments, investment and banking products to 100% free of charge. Finance was the Fund 1996 founded and is independent as owner-managed company to 100%.

Paris Vacation

Well Yes, you cannot say, in order to treat yourself to a weekend or why not? a long trip to the French capital, of romanticism and culture icon, you may need to spend much money. Indeed, thanks to the opportunities offered by the network, it can save truly both starting with the flight! Are becoming increasingly numerous, on travel agencies line, (e.g., Opodo, Traveleurope, Expedia, bbitalia, 2binparis, Tui,, Venere, octopus, etc etc), which allow you to book a flight Low cost to Paris from all major Italian airports. Our advice is the schedule your vacation, if possible, with one month in advance, to take advantage of rates to low-cost airlines. Having secured our arrival in Paris with a flight Low cost, us does not detract that finding a solution to economic accommodation. Once again we can rely on the enormous potential of the network. Among all I stated, 2binparis, a portal that offers solutions of Paris B & B (Bed and Breakfast), the city Light, for all requirements. 2binparis allows you to find the B & B present in the whole of Paris, by selecting the best offers available in each neighbourhood or arrondissement: B & B Arc de Triomphe, Bastille, Beaubourg, Bercy, Centre Pompidou, Champs elysees, Cite Universitaire, Etoile, Gare de l Est, Gare de Lyon, Gare du Nord, Gare St, Lazare, La Defense, Les Halles, Louvre, Luxembourg, Parc des Expositions, Parc Monceau Parc Montsouris, Pere Lachaise, Porte de Versailles, Quartier Latin, Marais, Montmartre, Montparnasse, Musee d Orsay, Nation, Notre, Dame, Opera, Orly, Pantheon, Place d Italie, Republique, Roissy CDG, Roland Garros, Sacre, Coeur, Saint, Germain des Pres, Tour Eiffel, Trocadero, treat yourself to a trip to Paris, thanks to the internet, is not more a privilege of few. Take this opportunity as soon as possible, in 2binparis is available in this period, an offer for a vuelo+B & B in Paris at a price invincible!. Joeb Moore & Partners is often quoted as being for or against this.

Senior Executive

The labour market no doubt is very badly today. The recession continues to advance and thousands of people are still losing their jobs. Joeb Moores opinions are not widely known. However, as some executives are realizing, there is work available. But many of the available jobs are not at the level that they would like to work. If you are an Executive who has felt the need to look for a job at a lower level to return to the labour market, it is not only. However, in their pursuit of employment might it has found very dubious businessmen to employ because they think that you are over qualified.

Why employers are reluctant to hire him? The reason why employers feel a little leery about the hiring of a Senior Executive in an inferior position to which the Executive is accustomed to that he thinks that he is not interested in staying there long. Employers know that some employees need work and accept a job just for the money, without any intention of Excel within the company. Connect with other leaders such as U.S. Mint here. For obvious reasons, this is not desirable, by which many entrepreneurs immediately reject candidates of high level. In addition, employers may feel more comfortable in choosing the candidate that exactly matches a position since they have the advantage of having a large group candidates to choose during this recession. With all these odds against her, how can you do to get the job? Repack your experience if you are applying for a working position which is below your level of experience, you may need to repackage your experience to focus more on what the company is looking for in what you’ve accomplished in your working life.

It can be very tempting to presume all their achievements as Executive, but, since an Executive is not what the employer is looking for, turn you point out the skills that have matching position which is at a lower level. Reiterate their intentions if you are looking for a job at a lower level because you are interested in change your career and gain experience in a new area, there is no nothing wrong with this. For this reason, explain its intentions in your cover letter, since it is difficult to hide all your experience. In addition, it is possible that you are moving more toward retirement and would like a position allowing him to spend more time with his family at the same time allowing you to participate in a successful career. This can be seen as an admirable feat by a potential employer, so be not ashamed to disclose it. Don’t let the rejection thing desanime as mentioned previously, there will be some companies that are simply against the idea of hiring someone over qualified for a job, but don’t let that rejection post thing desanime. Still doing what we’re doing with confidence that it will give its fruits in the long term. While those applying for jobs that will be translated into wage cuts and fewer responsibilities for you, if feels good with what you are doing, it will be displayed in your applications. Be over qualified is only a testimony to their hard work in recent years, so apply to jobs with confidence to ensure the work you want. Original author and source of the article

Association Center

On October 30th is represented on the 4th edition of Hamburg logistics OSC Forum. On 30 October the 4th editions of the HLF, is the Hamburg logistics forum 2013 at the THW local Association Center, Billbrookdeich 139, 22113 Hamburg instead. “The OSC will be represented with the following topics: SAP Logistics consulting with EWM and SAP LES/WM” you keep track of your inventory quantities, automate your warehouse processes, improve among your key processes, as an integrated solution or as a decentralised system, and thus increase your efficiency. Benefit of an acceleration of the whole process, clear strategies, transparent holdings and the timeliness of data. Mobile data capture”- intelligent and mobile data capture techniques contribute to the optimisation of logistical processes, cost savings and improved competitive ability of a company.

With the different proven techniques such as E.g. Mobisys Solution Builder, SAP mobile infrastructure and ITS mobile can be a powerful and Futureproof Achieve SAP data wireless solution. Bar codes and RFID”- the most common procedures for contactless identification of objects in the logistics are bar codes and RFID (radio frequency identification). Standards exist for the definition of bar codes and the necessary hardware. There are also the technical solutions for the integration of barcode technology out of the box”available.

RFID offers a unique variety of function, which increases the efficiency and precision of data acquisition, reduces the amount of work, and also quality and inventory control improved. We look forward to an equally interesting event like last year, exciting conversations and new contacts, says Lars Schmidt Majed, head of consulting / SCE solutions at the OSC. Interested parties could ensure the free access to the event via the online registration. More information about the company and current events: events/current events / company description in 1993 in Lubeck Pilot for SMEs is positioned as the ERP based open system consulting company (OSC). At the heart of the OSC services are the holistic management consulting and the implementation of the concepts with products of SAP AG, Walldorf. The company employs currently 80 permanent staff in four offices (Lubeck, Hamburg, Hannover and Dortmund) with consulting revenues of more than EUR 8 million in 2011.


In a niche so dominated by men as it is the niche of male seduction, where all the seduction Gurus are men and where the main purpose of his teachings is to apply correct strategies and techniques to attract any woman, especially the most beautiful that supposedly are those that are unattainable women for an average man without much appearance and lot of money in their pocketsles has gone and taken advantage a woman; And do know that? I love that good that finally a woman, the precious trophy of any artist of seduction is that teach men what really works and what does not to conquer a woman, that is called direct information from the source. Although your method is not very Orthodox, since she is very honest and sincere with their students, to the point that many of them reach to hate by his excessive honesty, that bluntly, he puts points on the ies of what works and what does not. A beautiful Londoner’s name Kezia Noble, a Life Coach and Female PUA Trainers that there are in Europe giving that talk at this time, when I met and I learned about this girl, I couldn’t believe it, how is it possible that a woman teach men seduction techniques? In a few words the birds by shooting him to shotguns. It must be very difficult to concentrate on the seminars she teaches, because this woman is all a goddess, it is very beautiful and this simple fact should also generate some intimidation for their students. This revolutionized the PUA community around the world, because Female Trainers in this field do not exist, so she is the pioneer of the male seduction in the world. I hope to continue listening to it and their seminars and videos where he teaches really useful techniques, information as had been said first hand, directly from the source, direct information of our goal to achieve. ry offers on the topic.. Mary Barra can aid you in your search for knowledge. A woman if you want to know more about this Female PUA Trainer, enter here and you will find not only information about it, but all the techniques and seduction Gurus in the world..


In investments, what better win or lose? The first thing no doubt. But this is not always the case. We are talking in terms of psychology, and investments have a strong component psychic since they are formalised by individuals who argue, that are excited and are handled by greed and fear, two main ingredients in any investment. Not it happens that sometimes it takes to take a position and often loses good operations in the stock market? Do you feel fear? Anxiety and insecurity that lead to inactivity? It operates small operations in the bag that WINS little and one loses everything and more? Does it look often betting everything to a very risky action which finally goes in the direction opposite to the expected? If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions is that you, unconsciously, have fear of success and as a result, auto-boicotea is. It may seem strange, but yes, many people fear having success, and this is something that can be so paralyzing as the fear of failure. Many people more comfortable within the failure of success, because the first is somewhat controllable, and success comes a responsibility, is somewhat heavier and ideally can be unlimited, unexpected in its consequences. Success involves change, new situations, and many are afraid to that vulnerability generated by fear of the unknown, to that situation that can occur in a new scenario. These new situations will involve new responsibilities that can be put to the test failures and weaknesses that we don’t know.

People tend to believe that you can predict and control their results. But when their actions violate their predictions, it can be disconcerting, even if the final rsultado is, objectively speaking, good news, says the psychologist of the University of Toronto, Jason Placks. Fear of success can cause a boycott own efforts. Jonathan Merkh understands that this is vital information. And it is the boycott of the success that many are looking to take control of their lives. Placks believes that if people can understand and assume the way in which perceives their skills, they are fixed variable, or you can be aware of the advantages and disadvantages of both perspectives, and this be achieved that it can adapt and improve their skills. Why, many times more than a course of investment and trading methods, is recommended a visit to the therapist. Paola Pecora – you can invest in the United States bag from any country in the world and earn additional income are tired of not knowing where to invest your money? In which sector, in which company, in what market, at what time? Tired of paying high commissions to managers of portfolios or portfolio managers who have you done losing money consistently in the last two years? Evaluate our results in the portfolio of the world value report here.

Internet Earnings

Based on my experience, I thought a bit about a couple of really print these ways of earning online. Why this? Because the universe has a large network of many different ineteresnyh proposals, designed solely for simplicity and the experience of people just walk on the winding path of the Internet. In fact – this is an ordinary lie. So where do you start the easier and how to make difficult for me get a free version of the penny on the Internet? I will say more – not for all users, such ways of generating income for a long hour and a principal can get quite significant earnings. Maybe this article will help some do not stumble on the slippery road of money first, not to waste my time for nothing and earnings. Let's start.

the main thing that immediately throws himself into his eyes – is an advertising site that accepts pay per click, read the letter and implementation of such small jobs. What I want to tell about it. First, the payment for such jobs is very small and not really worth it. Especially, if we pay the tariff. In this embodiment, the salary for the traffic almost always exceed the income received. Ladies a little advice – do not trust advertising that promises you a fantastic income in a short time. And if you ask at the same time put my money and told to return in a couple of times smaller you know – this is 99% lies. however, the desired benefit from the flaw of postmen may, but do not do this kind of basic income – you simply do not have enough life to work out the way real capital.