Stacker – a compact and highly maneuverable vehicle for storage. Today Stacker is used in small stores, and is part of the cargo-handling equipment of large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Popularity such equipment as forklift explained the simplicity of its operation and reasonable cost. Stacker is an indispensable technique in cases where a warehouse or manufacturing uses multilevel storage or There are tiered shelves. Thus, Stacker makes the most efficient and rational use of warehouse space. In addition, the pallet is used for cargo flows are not only high but also high intensity.

Stacker can be manual (lifting and movement of the operator at the expense of muscle strength of the operator) or self (uses an electric drive for Lift). Let us consider in more detail at Each of these species. Hand Stacker resistance with value of the optimal solution for smaller stores with an average turnover. Hand pallet truck is designed to serve two-and three-tier shelving. Lifting height of the stacker three meters and a maximum load capacity is 1 ton.

The rise in this case is made by hydraulic swing arm. Propelled Stacker is a more complex device. Management such a stacker is using special keys located on the handle lever. Propelled Stacker allows to reduce the load on the warehouse workers, thereby improving productivity. Self-propelled stackers are usually have a special platform for the operator and, in some cases even a single stall. Some models have a feature for adjusting the speed, which is essential when dealing with fragile goods. Many current models have an automatic stacker braking system which operates in the event of a collision with dangerous obstacles, or when they lose control. There stackers with function of the initial ascent fork, which applies in cases where the need to transport two pallets at once.

Training Hunting Dogs

Education and working hunting dog – painstaking work, requiring much time and patience. And you often have to spend in very difficult conditions – forest, field, marsh, and in difficult weather conditions. In addition, involves searching a live game or the use of decoy or bat game – too difficult and inconvenient for the training process. In order to make the job of nataske dogs faster and more efficiently, arsenal of modern professionals nataske there are various technical devices. Here they are: Radio-controlled electronic collar – allows you to make the dog obedient and manageable, including very large (up to 2,5 km) distance. More details can be found in the previous article. Beeper.

This sound beacon, which hangs on the collar hunting dog and beeps, which can determine the location of the dog, working in bushes and tall grass, the trajectory of its motion and the time counter. Beeper can be operated in different modes: "spotting," "Stand" and "running / stand." In the "positioning" beeper is silent on the dog and only activated when you press a button on the remote (locate). In the "rack" beeper no beeps during the movement of the dog, and starts to give some signals at a time when the dog stopped traffic and stopped moving. In the "run / stand" beeper gives rare signals during the movement of dogs that can track the route of its search, but when the dog sensed game and made a stand – signals are becoming more frequent.

Shopping Malls

Attractiveness of individual stores and entire shopping centers for consumers depends on the convenience of location, product range, courteous professional service. But no less important an attractive appearance premises and comfortable lighting to easily find the right shade to choose things – whether it be lipstick, a dress or a wood block flooring. In addition, large stores, where every day there are hundreds of visitors necessary to provide air-conditioning system. As experience shows, in areas with fresh air and comfortable temperatures buyers spend more time, and as a result of increasing the likelihood that it where they acquire the goods they need. That's why when designing a trading hall is planned to design the walls, floor and, of course, ceilings. Suspended ceilings in shops allow us to solve several problems, contributing to increasing the attractiveness of a retail outlet. First and foremost, they help to implement effective room design that emphasizes the image of the store and stimulate consumers to make purchases.

The successful combination of shapes and colors makes shopping mall or a convenience store aesthetic, comfortable, solid, while the cheapest model ceilings talking about is not too serious approach from the owners of the premises. As a result, – Subconscious distrust of visitors and the provision of goods on the shelves, and this inevitably leads to a decrease in sales. Quality rack, tape and other ceilings help to easily and efficiently solve the problem creating a comfortable indoor environment. The space between the floor and ceiling surface coverings can easily hide the ducts of air conditioning systems, leaving visible only the vents themselves.


Mezzanine (from Italian. Mezzanine – mezzanine, add) – a system of racks with the staircases and passages, which has several levels (floors) to accommodate the cargo. It is through the multi-tiered shelving system mezzanine ensures ease of loading, storage, handling and efficient use of warehouse space. Recently, the mezzanines are not just popular, but in many cases are simply irreplaceable. And it is not surprising, to appreciate all the advantages of these structures.

Advantages of mezzanine (mezzanine shelving): 1) Increase storage space by using the height of the warehouse, 2) Ability alignment racks of any type: pallet, cantilever, shelving, and 3) Fast access to any product at any level, and 4) Individual construction, designed to meet all the wishes and requirements of the customer specific the stored goods, room size, the maximum allowable load on the floor, etc. 5) Easy movement of personnel and material handling machinery, and 6) use of any warehouse equipment (forklift, stacker) for loading / unloading stages mezzanine, and 7) the possibility of storage not only goods, but also accommodate offices, locker rooms, areas of availability, utility rooms on the mezzanine floor; 8) The long period of operation, corrosion resistance, high strength characteristics; 9) Quick installation without welding and drilling. To build the mezzanine, the following elements: – the basis of mezzanines mezzanine can be made based on the bookshelf or pallet racking. Standard elements of shelving (or racks support columns and horizontal beams) are the basis for mezzanine shelving and form tiers of storage. – Carrying rack base construction mezzanine floor, consisting of pillars and horizontal beams, necessarily complemented by special carrier racks. Props are used for fastening decking or platforms. – Floor (mezzanine floor).

The flooring is not only divides the mezzanine at several levels, but also, being located in Aisle serves as a floor for the movement of employees and warehouse equipment. It can be made of metal, particle board or special materials. – Stairs with handrails The rise of staff to the upper floors of the mezzanine by using ladders equipped with handrails. – Walling enclosing structures floors mezzanine shelving are: handrails, railings, windows and doors for loading / unloading of cargo. – Hoists, lift tables, or elevators to load the goods on the upper floors of the mezzanine is used lifting devices (lifting tables), lifting equipment and warehouse equipment (Lift trucks, forklifts). Mezzanine is a Collapsible construction. It can not only easy to disassemble and move to another room, but also to equip the necessary elements for the changed demands warehouse. Sincerely, 'Pallet Trucks-Tyumen'

Agrarian Reformation

The electoral victory of the Party of the Workers, with the support of innumerable social movements and the ownership of Squid as president in 2003 despertaram enormous hopes of social change and politics in Brazil, with respect to elaboration and implementation social programs where we can cite the program ' ' Brazil For Todos' ' , based in the ideas of economic growth, generation of jobs and reduction of the inaqualities and the effective operating conception in the MDA they recognize the implementation of one massiva and qualified agrarian reform and the reinforcement of familiar agriculture as estruturantes actions of the model of development of the government Squid. According to conception of the MDA, the consisting nestings do not have more being as a reaction to the land occupations, but as integrant part of the development model. In this direction, the politics of nestings must effectively be integrated with other governmental programs, with the objective to distribute the income and to fight poverty, to generate job and income, to stimulate the domestic market, to democratize the access the land to stimulate the alimentary sovereignty and the alimentary preservation. With clarity of this challenge, the MDA also has the task to invest in infrastructure and the promotion of the quality of life in the consisting nestings already. PRONAF To This credit facility is destined to the familiar agriculturists seated by the National Program of Reforma Agrria (PNRA) or beneficiaries of the National Program of Crdito Fundirio (PNCF) that they had not been contemplated operation of investment under gide of the Program of Special Credit for the Agrarian Reformation (Procera) or that not yet they had been contemplated the limit of the credit of investment for estruturao in the scope of the PRONAF. Also they are enclosed in the Group ' ' A' ' the familiar agriculturists reassentados in function of the construction of barrages for hidroeltrico exploitation and water supply in reassentamento projects, since that observed the made use one in Law 4.504, of 1964, especially in its articles 60 and 61, as well as in art.