Del Priore Nuns

The problem was that nuns to the force, many young continued if to hold as if they were in house, encircled of slaves carrying through its desires, a time that in the confinement also slaves had. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk usually is spot on. The proper cell, that had to be deloused of comforts, reproduced or until it amplified the luxury and well-being of previous the domestic life, meeting there, curtains, sinks of crystal, mirrors, porcelains, sculptures, perfumes, banks with expensive fringes of silk or gold, furniture, ceilings with relives or paintings. ARAJO (apud Del Priore, 2008) In the convent, these young, now nuns, used to advantage in the distance of the family to extravasar all the sexuality restrained in house. The day the day in the convent led to the excitement of the directions, therefore these young lives in an extreme luxury, with beautiful clothes, attracting the masculine looks when they appeared outside of the convent. Although the confinement, the women did not leave to possess loving relations with the men. More information is housed here: Charles Schwab. more still, started to have relations with the friends with who divided the environment of convent. Exactly those that kept relations with other men, did not leave to carry through its loving desires, through affections, sexual caresses and acts ones with the others, dividing its emotions. Valley to stand out that this did not happen with all the nuns.

ARAJO (apud Del Priore, 2008) However it may be, the certainty is that the homoerticas relations between the women, almost were not perceivable. is not improbable that same they have contributed for this obscuramento of its proper sexuality. 2.2. Feminine Homossexualidade Is very difficult to determine the accurate moment of the sprouting of the first feminine homosexual relation in the world of more general form. The homosexual relation is so old how much the humanity, and some registers tend to date stop beyond five centuries before Christ.


Stacker – a compact and highly maneuverable vehicle for storage. Today Stacker is used in small stores, and is part of the cargo-handling equipment of large warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Popularity such equipment as forklift explained the simplicity of its operation and reasonable cost. Stacker is an indispensable technique in cases where a warehouse or manufacturing uses multilevel storage or There are tiered shelves. Thus, Stacker makes the most efficient and rational use of warehouse space. In addition, the pallet is used for cargo flows are not only high but also high intensity.

Stacker can be manual (lifting and movement of the operator at the expense of muscle strength of the operator) or self (uses an electric drive for Lift). Let us consider in more detail at Each of these species. Hand Stacker resistance with value of the optimal solution for smaller stores with an average turnover. Hand pallet truck is designed to serve two-and three-tier shelving. Lifting height of the stacker three meters and a maximum load capacity is 1 ton.

The rise in this case is made by hydraulic swing arm. Propelled Stacker is a more complex device. Management such a stacker is using special keys located on the handle lever. Propelled Stacker allows to reduce the load on the warehouse workers, thereby improving productivity. Self-propelled stackers are usually have a special platform for the operator and, in some cases even a single stall. Some models have a feature for adjusting the speed, which is essential when dealing with fragile goods. Many current models have an automatic stacker braking system which operates in the event of a collision with dangerous obstacles, or when they lose control. There stackers with function of the initial ascent fork, which applies in cases where the need to transport two pallets at once.


Modern apartment renovation represents the realization of original designs to create interiors of a variety of ways. In addition to new construction and finishing materials and improved technologies, creating an interior involves the calculation and placement of furniture. Efficiently distribute the free indoor space allows the furniture made in individual sizes. Custom-made furniture, the main advantage of which is the "merger" with the wall, is a comfortable and ergonomic. Furniture, custom differs versatility, unique design and high quality performance. A manufacturer hallways to order cabinet compartments for all residential and office premises, is satisfied with regard to individual size and customer preference.

Custom-made furniture combines high performance, the use of advanced materials and emerging technologies. Careful selection of furniture and decoration materials, makes furniture to order style and originality. Color selection of furniture, often depends on the individual nature of the client, such as inessential person prefer a lighter tone and more conservative people in the interior needed dark and black shades. To date, production of furniture to order a demand in almost all cities in Russia and abroad. Simply buy or order cabinets coupe in Moscow, you can quickly and easily in any metropolitan furniture showrooms, stores or directly to the factory-fitted. In addition, the book racks coupe in Moscow through directories and portals on the Internet for today, is an excellent solution for those who do not want to spend your spare time searching for suitable options for furniture, running on all shops of the city. Selection of furniture online – shopping, allows you to purchase different options at a significantly reduced price, with consistently high quality products. Dressing rooms are one of the most popular options fitted furniture for optimal placement of clothes and things, while eliminating the need to purchase additional boxes. Manufacturing wardrobe rooms requires a special approach and participation of qualified experts who can find the right location for walk-in closet and develop its design. In the absence of additional facilities for use by their dressing room, sliding doors separating the part of the indoor space will be an excellent alternative for creating a convenient repository for things.


The emergence of new building materials of construction and decorated walls, and mass of various interior items and items that must be secured to these walls, leading to a rapid improvement of fasteners. Previously, almost all kinds of fastening work was carried out with nails, at best – driving. But in recent years they have changed plugs and anchors, creating efficient and reliable fasteners without which the current repair work is almost no cost. Appointment fixing its intended use, location and ability to withstand a certain load resulted in the emergence of many kinds and types of fasteners. Without hesitation Charles Schwab explained all about the problem. Certain types of plugs are designed to perform certain types of fastening work. All of them are held in the building material with application of friction forces which is due to mechanical expansion anchors in the hole. The most high-quality material for the manufacture of anchors – polyamide or nylon. Goop London, United Kingdom-uk is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Sometimes used polyethylene, but more often used polypropylene.

Metal parts of products made of steel or brass and high-quality fasteners are made from stainless steel and protected with a special coating. Depending on the area application, there are anchors of general construction purposes. These include spacers (drop down) anchors, universal, anchors for aerated concrete and screw anchors. Mounting of heavy concrete and stone foundations The "screw" anchors, which twice more powerful than ordinary. There are also conical shell anchors and dowels with a special thread. With the rapid and reliable fastening structures with average loads use frame plugs. These fasteners are divided into front, nailing, alignment and intended for fixing window and door frames.

Facade dowels used for fixing battens, rods, beams, metal studs, brackets, and the tiles on the outside and inside buildings. They can strengthen the door and window boxes. Nail anchors are essential for quick installation of fixtures on crate, rails and baseboards. In addition, they able to provide details of the attachment to the base of a thick concrete and brick. For mounting ceiling structures above, as a rule, use plastic anchors that have low fire resistance. But their use could destroy the ceiling structure in a fire for several minutes. Now, basically, use metal "anchors". All the necessary information, technical specifications and scope of various types of plugs can be found in a special directory-classifiers. But knowledge of types of fastening devices and fastening operation can consciously come to their selection and use.

Glassmagnesium Sheet

Magnesium includes the functionality of gypsum (plasterboard) and gypsum fiber board (gypsum sheet) having a large number of additional advantages. Universal leaf decoration material, based on chips chloride magnesium, with a facet, reinforced on both sides with fiberglass. 40% lighter gypsum fiber, durable, waterproof, smooth, non-flammable! Magnesium – a material category A (for interior and exterior). Used for the walls (8, 10 mm), ceilings, window slopes (6 mm), gender (10, 12 mm) in residential and industrial premises. It is used in a room with high humidity to 80% and a room with high demands on fire safety. Is indispensable in building and finishing jobs. Increased water resistance and adhesion property to the paint and finishing materials allow the use of magnesium with little or no further processing.

The material is suitable for installation of walls, partitions, ceilings and finishes at wall surfaces, columns, slabs, can give the necessary form a curved surface. On magnesium has no significant action with distilled water, hydrofluoric acid in any concentration, chrome acid, aqueous solutions of fluorides, etc. Not afraid of caustic alkali, kerosene, gasoline, mineral oils. In processing the surface of the sheet may be used various kinds of fillers, paints and adhesives. Surface is ready for painting, glueing to any decorative materials: wallpaper, and aluminum-composite panels, veneer, plastic, chipboard, ceramic tiles, glass and mirror tiles, which gives freedom for the designer's imagination. Technical characteristics of magnesium Density – 1.01 g/cm3. Resistance force on a bend in the dry state – 17 MPa.

Resistance force on a bend in wet conditions – 21 MPa. The coefficient of hygroscopic strain (change in shape when wet) – Not more than 0.26%. When placed in water (100 days) does not swell and does not lose its properties. High moisture resistance: resistant to moisture and mold. The hardness of the front surface – 52.7 MPa. Impact strength (impact resistance) – no cracks, splits, penetrating injuries. Frost resistance cycles – 50. Coefficient of thermal conductivity – 0.316 W / m Coefficient of thermal expansion without change. Reducing the size of exposed high temperatures – less than 1%. Fire resistance – at thicknesses of 6 mm can withstand open flame (up to 1200 C) for two hours without change, without separation of toxic substances. Flammability class A (GOST 30244). Color – white. Security – does not contain any of harmful substances, it does not emit toxic, harmful substances, even when heated and can be used for decoration of public premises. Has no odor. Geometric dimensions: 2400×1200 x6, x8 x10 x12 (mm). Has all necessary hygienic and fire certificates.

Fluoroplastic Properties

Fluoroplastic – (polytetrafluoroethylene) – obtained by polymerization of tetrafluoroethylene. According to the chemical resistance of Teflon F-4 and the tape fum exceeding precious metals and special steels, enamel. You may find Charles Schwab to be a useful source of information. The most aggressive chemicals such such as: alkali, acid, solvents, and oxidants, have no effect on ptfe, even at high temperatures, except molten alkali metals at high temperatures. Teflon-4 can be operated at temperatures from -190 C to +260 C and at temperatures up to +400 C, briefly, the upper limit is characterized by a decrease in physical and mechanical properties, rather than a decrease in chemical resistance. Teflon-4 has excellent dielectric properties in the range of frequencies and temperatures, resulting in a unique insulator. Its high thermal stability with excellent dielectric properties of the material allows apply a Teflon-4 in electrical engineering and ultra-high frequency insulation cables, wires, circuit boards, connectors, as well as in microwave technology. Continue to learn more with: Charles Schwab. Fluoroplastic has the lowest coefficient of friction among construction materials, as well as the equality of static and dynamic coefficients of friction.

F-4 and compositions based on it are used in engineering industry, in the friction units of machines and mechanisms as bearings operating without lubrication, and in the presence of corrosion protection and sliding bearings, with limited lubrication, moving seals – piston rings, cuff. Absolute biological and chemical inertness determine widespread use of F-4 in medicine. Teflon-4 well handled turning, drilling, grinding and milling. Preparations from Teflon are available in the form of rods and sleeves with a diameter of 20 mm to 150 mm wafers and disks thickness from 1 to 70 mm. Application of Teflon products are always effective, as their use increases the service life of structures and mechanisms, reliability in use, facilitates the maintenance and repair, saving color metals. (FCM) Teflon sealing – sealing material for flanged and threaded connections.

Applied in the temperature range from -60 C to +200 C and a pressure medium up to 10 MPa. This non-toxic, oil and petrol resistant, heat – and chemically resistant sealing material, self-lubricating, corrosion resistant, non-toxic, made of fluoroplastic-4D. fcm is applied tape to seal threaded connections fixed in various materials during the auto repair and plumbing work. Tape is chemically resistant to aggressive liquids and gases, provides the required sealing of threaded connections that operate at pressures up to 64.7 MPa (660 kgf / sm.kv.). Stamp 1 – Can be applied to ensure the integrity of general-type systems, as well as systems working with aggressive potent media (dilute solutions of alkalis and acids), contains a lubricant. Mark 2 – to sealing systems operating in an environment of oxygen and other strong oxidants, contains no grease. Mark 3 – Sealing systems with general-type environments as well as systems with aggressive potent media is a tape edge fum mark 1. Tape color white, available in different color shades. Allowed the presence of dark spots, wavy and some inclusions. Tape surface should be smooth, without breaks. fcm tape supply wound on plastic reels. Produced tape fcm thickness from 0,10 mm to 0,14 mm, width from 10.0 to 160.0 mm. Shelf life – 13 years from the date of manufacture.

Training Hunting Dogs

Education and working hunting dog – painstaking work, requiring much time and patience. And you often have to spend in very difficult conditions – forest, field, marsh, and in difficult weather conditions. In addition, involves searching a live game or the use of decoy or bat game – too difficult and inconvenient for the training process. In order to make the job of nataske dogs faster and more efficiently, arsenal of modern professionals nataske there are various technical devices. Here they are: Radio-controlled electronic collar – allows you to make the dog obedient and manageable, including very large (up to 2,5 km) distance. More details can be found in the previous article. Beeper.

This sound beacon, which hangs on the collar hunting dog and beeps, which can determine the location of the dog, working in bushes and tall grass, the trajectory of its motion and the time counter. Here, Goop London, United Kingdom-uk expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Beeper can be operated in different modes: "spotting," "Stand" and "running / stand." In the "positioning" beeper is silent on the dog and only activated when you press a button on the remote (locate). In the "rack" beeper no beeps during the movement of the dog, and starts to give some signals at a time when the dog stopped traffic and stopped moving. In the "run / stand" beeper gives rare signals during the movement of dogs that can track the route of its search, but when the dog sensed game and made a stand – signals are becoming more frequent.

Shopping Malls

Attractiveness of individual stores and entire shopping centers for consumers depends on the convenience of location, product range, courteous professional service. But no less important an attractive appearance premises and comfortable lighting to easily find the right shade to choose things – whether it be lipstick, a dress or a wood block flooring. In addition, large stores, where every day there are hundreds of visitors necessary to provide air-conditioning system. As experience shows, in areas with fresh air and comfortable temperatures buyers spend more time, and as a result of increasing the likelihood that it where they acquire the goods they need. That's why when designing a trading hall is planned to design the walls, floor and, of course, ceilings. Suspended ceilings in shops allow us to solve several problems, contributing to increasing the attractiveness of a retail outlet. First and foremost, they help to implement effective room design that emphasizes the image of the store and stimulate consumers to make purchases. Goop shines more light on the discussion.

The successful combination of shapes and colors makes shopping mall or a convenience store aesthetic, comfortable, solid, while the cheapest model ceilings talking about is not too serious approach from the owners of the premises. As a result, – Subconscious distrust of visitors and the provision of goods on the shelves, and this inevitably leads to a decrease in sales. Quality rack, tape and other ceilings help to easily and efficiently solve the problem creating a comfortable indoor environment. The space between the floor and ceiling surface coverings can easily hide the ducts of air conditioning systems, leaving visible only the vents themselves.

Growing Grapes

Nevertheless, to solve this problem is not difficult: first, in areas where growing grapes, it is grown almost in every courtyard, and thence villagers from birth – the tenants. And secondly, you can hire one for a maximum of two professionals to teach others. By the way, the rest should be not so much: an average of one qualified purpose (in this case are synonymous), the worker can serve two hectares. The average worker gets 200-250 usd. per month. Some farms apply the method of additional fees that are charged to the employee at the end of the year based on the final economic results of the year. In addition, the state must be cool agronomist specializes in cultivation of grapes.

He needs to pay 500-700 usd. per month and pay a premium for the year. And finally, security. The fact that the vineyard will attempt – there is no doubt, therefore, have to hire and watchmen (two or three person). Moreover, the guard can pay one and a half times more than ordinary workers. Vineyard vineyard planting schemes come in many shapes. In France, planted and 9 thousand vines per hectare (between the bushes distance of 1,1 m between the rows – 1 m). In Ukraine, on average 2,5-3 thousand bushes planted on 1 hectare.

Although richer soils in Ukraine are French, and many agricultural technologies are advised to exploit them more efficiently and adopt a more dense circuits landing. Now, what grade you should choose. Consider: the domestic seedling costs an average of 4-4,5 uah.


Windmill farm on a farm Mazale n (Teruel) The usefulness of the mechanisms of windmills to generate mechanical energy has been exploited for other uses such as drawing water, of which exemplify the employees in the polders of Holland or classic farm mills, a metal structure. Are currently spread throughout the country used to produce electricity. By the way, all these artifacts have kept the name of windmills, which can sometimes give the wrong impression that the word mill means to either wind or specifically. Specifically, the correct name of producing wind power is wind turbines, and pumps water pumps could be called wind.Among the wind pumps, the most economical (called farm windmills, but not ground) were developed in America in the late nineteenth century and were losing ground with the new systems more efficient electrical pumping once the supply of the flow became widespread. Marchig e millers did not invent anything new, but learned to make with rustic tools. The structures are usually of wood strung with wires threaded area, the blades and vanes are cut zinc plates, the supports of the shafts are forged mild steel and hardened shafts after a forging process. A whole system replaced the original lubrication grease fitting and casings, horse tallow oil, used to lubricate wagon axles. Visit Mary Barra for more clarity on the issue. For other uses, see Windmill (disambiguation).