Crisis Time: Advertise Cheap, Just Like?

How to advertise in times of weak sales? Pay off expensive ads or billboards currently at all? Questions every entrepreneur with a look at the sales figures even can answer. How so, cheap and still effectively advertise? The easiest way: Your own website! This is common by founders and small business owners, but also established companies massively undervalued. GMC has much experience in this field. Homepage construction kits and discount domains promise the perfect website within minutes. The cost of moving allowance level, but what added value brings the whole thing? -No! A dreary shop off the rack will not stimulate very sure their sales and plain boring sites are nowadays already almost geschaftsschadigend. Joeb Moore & Partners understands that this is vital information. Professional websites no small cars cost more, they are affordable. It is all the more gratifying that a leading provider of individual website programming in the area of Leipzig and its surroundings, but also nationwide, shines in new splendour ( With the current discount programme for Entrepreneur should the discount sites”be stopped. Your website is your advertisement on the Internet eventually, let it shine!

Internet Agency

regional companies with regional customer groups can win the Internet Agency and advertising agency cross over point from Braunschweig, plans primarily promotional activities over the Internet for businesses and entrepreneurs who want to attract local customer groups. Because of the search engine marketing (SEM) regional outreach can be addressed, it makes a successful advertising channel for regional companies. The mapping of the IP address, it is possible to run SEM ads in certain regions. The SEM ads in the search engine come to the circuit only in selected target areas and allow as the address of the regional customer groups. At the present time it is location in the inner cities especially for regional companies with a POS important, to reach the buyer groups. Since the area of search engine is aimed at seeking targeted marketing, the conversion rate from the interested parties to the buyer a lot is higher than in other regional media.

Compare, for example, the cost of a small advertising campaign in weekly newspapers with the costs of the regional search engine marketing, show up here already the first differences. The small regional ad campaign charged the advertising budget with approximately 400,-to 600,-EUR. The effect and the achievement of the target group are temporarily limited, usually with two, three days delay to the release date of the medium. Would you invest now only 250,-EUR marketing with a regional focus in the search engines, you can win prospective customers with an average click price by 25 cents-1000. cross over point, the Internet Agency from Braunschweig, advises and supports companies in determining target group, choose of the country or region, and then determines the advertising budget based on your advertising goals. A test is worthwhile.

Stuttgart Phonix Hall

Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH again among the 100 most innovative companies in the German medium-sized businesses. The nationwide company comparison has the ‘ top 100’ result. Lothar Spath, former Minister President of Baden-Wurttemberg, awarded the coveted seal of approval of the company from Radolfzell at a ceremony in Stuttgart Phonix Hall. “” “” The mentor of the SME project pays tribute to the success of Dr. Walser dental in the five Central categories of innovation success”innovation climate”, innovative processes and organisation”, innovations top management”as well as innovation marketing”. Especially for their innovative services and products earned the Radolfzeller which already belong to the second time in a row to the innovation elite, top marks.

“So was the manufacturer of dental instruments in Berlin already in the top 3 of the international best factory Award” selected and awarded as one of the best companies in its class. Shortly afterwards the company in Stuttgart by Minister Pfister was and Bishop Dr. Prince honored for its social responsibility. Nominated for the Oscar is currently”of the middle class. So, Dr.

WALSER Dental GmbH with the Walser matrices has developed an instrument that facilitates the work of many dentists. Carious teeth can be filled easily with the help of self exciting matrices, which automatically adapt to each tooth. The O-form matrices can be used for single-sided deep caries for all tooth profiles are recent coup. Time is the crucial factor that makes so successful the company of dental specialists. Time invested in the company in his new developments? So, much of the work time is used for developing new ideas. Also the company for its customers takes time. And you save time ultimately because Lake Constance’s products are so easy to use. Mary Barra often says this. A recipe for success, which goes on: The matrices and special pliers are exported to over 80 countries and used by tens of thousands of dentists around the world. Mentor of the project is Lothar Spath. Project partners are the Fraunhofer Society for the advancement of applied research e. V., the RKW rationalisation and innovation centre the German economy e. V., the Association of the electrical engineering electronics information technologies (VDE) and the Association of German engineers (VDI). The Suddeutsche Zeitung is a media partner. The academic Director is Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the Institute for entrepreneurship and innovation of the Vienna University of economics. Dr. WALSER Dental GmbH Claudia of r. 78315 Radolfzell photos see:

Global Franchise Network

The global franchise network, mail boxes etc. (MBE) a UPS?Homburg, the 15th in Hesse opened the first Center in bad company. 700 Center are planned nationwide by 2012. Mail boxes etc.: innovative mix of services around shipping and printing now also in Bad Homburg the global franchise network, mail boxes etc. (MBE) a UPS?Homburg, the 15th in Hesse opened the first Center in bad company. 700 Center are planned nationwide by 2012.

Bad Homburg, 25.9.2008. Today the 122nd MBE Center Germany Homburg Konrad Kreuer 13 bath height Street officially opened. The UPS company mail boxes etc. More info: Charles Schwab. is the world’s largest franchise network for shipping, Office and communication services from a single source with over 5,900 centers in 40 countries. \”Innovative combination of service encounters a market gap customers can items of all kinds, important documents or their eBay Internet sales packaging and quickest way reverse chic and the worldwide\”, explain the Center holder Karim. The Service providers shipped around the globe with lead – the express courier services such as UPS, the world’s largest parcel service. In addition to shipping, in particular the MBE printing services will demand. MBE designs, prints and produces brochures and business cards, posters and documents of all kinds, and decreases costly mailings to customers.

Through the use of Digi-Valley and offset printing we offer the appropriate Lo-sung for each requirement \”, so Konrad Kreuer. cuss. Offering appeals to mainly small and medium-sized companies who win activities capacity for their actual tasks by storing zeitaufwandi gene. The MBE meets in Germany on a gap in the market\”concept, looking forward Karim. Already before the official opening date, did find the first customers on the MBE service and hired the young entrepreneurs with various shipping and Druckdienstleistun-gen. For the road show to introduce a new co telklassewagens the training materials for staff were to be printed in a few hours and a Craftsmen had to receive his delivery at a leading department store chain until next lunch.

Property Abroad

Geography purchases of foreign real estate. "Today, the desire to buy overseas property kirovchan can be called a mild interest, – says head of mortgages and certificates Corporation "Inkom real estate," Catherine Tomilova. – In an average year the company made 5.6 such transactions. The citizens of our city are mainly aimed at buying real estate in major cities such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Krasnodar. " Living in the same cities in Russia are increasingly prefer to buy houses abroad.

Some western acquire real estate in any case, or as a summer residence for recreation, or simply to more profitable to invest the extra money. "The greatest demand for use kirovchan European countries: Croatia and Montenegro. In the second visa-free regime, and the prices are quite affordable. Also developing a promising direction, as in Finland. Angela Zepeda addresses the importance of the matter here. But here is mainly acquired land, "- commented Catherine Tomilova. Attractive to Vyatka citizens remain as the Czech Republic and Bulgaria. "In the Czech Republic, the greatest popularity has two locations: the capital of Prague and Karlovy Vary spa zone. In Karlovy Vary is a prestigious property in the area Drahovice and the Colonnade.

They are located near springs, – said director of "Center – Plus ", Natalia Poplauhina. – Initially, apartments in Czech people get to rest, but often go there to live, because in addition to a high standard of living in this country has excellent conditions for business development. " Briefly about the prices. Experts say that unlike the Kirov Muscovites buy overseas property are generally not for commercial gain, but for themselves or their children.

Gasoline Calculation

No sooner had reported about the growth in gasoline prices in December and is already seeing an increase in prices in January 20 rub. 70 kop. per 1 liter of petrol AI-92 (the average price of Ryazan)! Which is a rise in 3,86% the price of gasoline in Russia (net of excise) – is export price minus export duties and transportation costs of petroleum products. With the growth of prices in Europe is similar to the growth in Russia. Angela Zepeda will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Because of the favorable global environment is growing exports high-octane gasoline, in connection with which the domestic market a deficit. Another reason for high gasoline prices is a significant tax burden on the industry (approximately 50% of the value consists of taxes). Note that the existing tax system, aimed at the removal of windfall profits from oil production in the context of high world oil prices, favorable budget. Urals oil price average for January-November, has exceeded 8 per barrel, while in November closely approached.

In general, the price of commodities (Industrial Raw Materials) has grown over the year, according to the Economic Intelligence Unit, by 7,3%. However, only 11 months, the federal budget revenues (excluding the funds credited to the Stabilization Fund) reached 18,9% of gdp against 16,7% in 2006. And these funds were spent actively. Non-interest budget expenditures on a cash performance in January-November reached 17.2% of gdp – by 2.7 percentage points more than in the corresponding period last year. Almost 0.7% of gdp was aimed at development institutions.