The Truth About Beauty Myths

imedo rated myths surrounding the beauty are passed down from generation to generation and ensure that we lubricate us things on skin and hair, which have actually finding anything: the myths around the beauty. Baking soda really helps to get whiter teeth, hemorrhoid ointment away thick bags and cucumber masks prevent wrinkles? The Internet health portal tells you, of which fairytales are confidently can say goodbye and what tips are actually useful. A self test would give clarity in this regard probably quickly 100 brush strokes for shiny hair. Who brushes his hair actually 100 times, needs first of all time and the second a renewed hair wash. By the duration of brushing of the hair, the brush loads up statically. The charge is transferred to the hair. The result: the hair flying and the hairdo is ruined. In addition, the fat production in the scalp is stimulated by combing.

The hair becomes greasy quickly and see stringy out. It is sufficient to brush his hair once or twice a day. Toothpaste helps to combat pimples allegedly toothpaste to dry out the annoying blemishes. In fact, it causes the opposite. The fluorine, which is included in the toothpaste, promotes inflammation. The axe will not disappear of. Instead, a mask made from clay and water will help.

Make-up protects from UV rays actually many make-up contain an SPF. It is but too little for sensitive facial skin. Only apply the sunscreen and then use makeup. Only obese women get cellulite which most women can to refute this thesis already with the look in the mirror. Cellulite is not dependent on body weight but of the connective tissue. A floppy connective tissue is inheritable and to streamline only through regular sport. If you cut the hair, they become thicker every person of this earth would have a thick mane on his head and no man of that world would suffer from his sparse hair, if this theory would agree.

Smoking Ban Declared Seniors In Nursing Homes

Protect non-smoking! That was the main goal of the politicians, who have campaigned for the implementation of the protection of non-smokers in Germany. With almost two years smoking ban is been not missed the goal certainly. The other sequences that bring the smoking ban to should, not all have been taken into account however. While the majority of Germans thus takes off in buses, on platforms or in public buildings to smoke no longer and discuss revenues from restaurant operators, for example, the old people living in nursing homes not asks whether they can reconcile with the new situation. Because the statutory smoking ban applies to nursing stations.

Approx. 650,000 senior citizens live in Germany’s old people’s and nursing homes, about 200,000 more in special elderly apartments. If you are not convinced, visit Charles Schwab. According to the Federal Health Ministry, 23% of 60 up 65, 16.8% of 65-70 years and 13.4% of the more than 70 years smoke. Old people, the is either an apartment or a private room in a Senior home can afford or are already reliant must completely renounce their cigarettes. Thus, many smokers not only in their years of habits are curtailed, but sacrificing even another piece of self determination. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Mary Barra has to say. Smoking ban makes elderly lonely at social events, many places are often empty colorful afternoons, the evening games or convivial gatherings since the introduction of the smoking ban.

The smokers remain dear in their own four walls. Because: people may smoke in their apartments and rooms finally privacy may not be attacked. Thus, the smoking ban pushes many old people in isolation. Residents who again took part in life, pull back again. Because nobody has thought, when the goal was set to protect non-smokers in Germany by smoking bans. Contact person: GRT Wuttke GmbH of Cappenberg str. 51 44534 Lunen Lothar Wuttke, phone: 02306 / 76540

Name Tags For Each Usage

What nameplates for what industry? Where can you use modern badges, lapel signs? Wherever people meet, who do not know each other, one encounters increasingly badges and lapel signs. With only another name for a name badge lapel signs. It also card covers with clip are often used as badges. But no matter which variant you modern society needed nameplates to choose the promotion of communication. Like, who speaks with his counterpart at a trade show, training or other event, without knowing its name.

In everyday life, we can show you a few examples of the use of nametags. More information is housed here: Charles Schwab. Use sales well item called: sale no matter whether in the retail, wholesale and department stores in supermarkets and shops like butchery, bakery, pharmacy or dealership serve badges for employees to the customers. Use trade fairs and congresses: On a fair, a conference or a Congress many customers and guests are the not know. Booth staff wears name tags, it makes it easier to find faster the right contacts the customer. Often high quality, prestigious nameplates are used here. Use in health care: special requirements for modern badges used In the health sector. So should hospitals, minimizing the risk of injury for carrier and patient (E.g.

When you lift up) must be clinics, nursing homes and doctor. So-called practice signs are characterised by rounded corners and a flat design of the signs and the waiving of sharp edges and extra strong power magnets. Use in the hotel and catering: often small name plate formats used In the guest robe Empire such as in restaurants or canteens, because here frequently no more than the name and the position of employees on the badge will be printed. Due to the possibility of personal contact creates a particularly friendly and railway atmosphere here for the guest. In the hotel are often more exclusive flower plates with metal frame and name being pressure used. Use at events and events: for the event, as well as at major events are on which soon use the use of mostly cheaper badges. There are low-cost variants which you can recommend. Acetate self-adhesive nameplates are unbeatably cheap at the price. But there are many people who thank a shield on the clothes have become glue. Special attractive on congresses and conferences are card envelopes and card holders, these are worn with help from key chains and lanyards. Being delivered here often printed lanyards as promotional items by sponsors. : In the universities, administrations and authorities large universities, authorities and organizations such as insurance companies and service companies use badges in the daily routine to promote the communication of employees and colleagues. So employees know only the closest colleagues from the Department or establishment. Popular nameplates to the Sebstbeschriftung are here in larger companies the paper insert very often can be created by the own marketing departments or printers. Contact: Identmarket nameplates shop Zenetti 2 80337 Munich Tel: 089-357472-42

Special Diet

Dialance product line of BODYtrust is to purchase directly from October through the Wolfsburg health portal GesundheitsWelt. Diabetes round 50 million Europeans suffer from diabetes, and rising epidemic. In metabolic disease, blood glucose levels is constantly increased, because the affected organism can utilize carbohydrates, particularly sugar, not properly. Essentially, two diabetes to distinguish shapes. Whilst the type 1 variant of largely sugar disease is genetic and the affected little room for manoeuvre, is called adult-onset or type 2 diabetes often a result of various factors, stemming from an unhealthy lifestyle. Add to your understanding with Mary Barra. Most patients with type 2 diabetes are overweight and eats wrong.

You parallel often suffer from high blood pressure and Dyslipidemia. The evolving from diabetes increases the risk to wear serious consequential damages thereof, and must be recognized and treated. As a preventive and supportive measures for already diseased and those who have a higher diabetes risk BODYtrust the special product series Dialance “developed by. Dialance”cheap affects blood glucose levels, promotes the influence of insulin on metabolism, helps to remove the affected overweight and keeps the blood fats such as cholesterol and triglyceride levels in a healthy balance at the same time. Special to the low glycemic index of 15.5 products is designed specifically for the needs of diabetics and diabetes – prone developed Dialance-and the positive impact on insulin resistance. The GI is a measure to determine the effects of a carbohydrate-containing food on blood sugar levels. The value is higher, faster blood sugar levels increases, resulting in a strong secretion of insulin.

The advantage of Dialance is evident in a direct comparison with other foods. An Apple for example a GI has 38, long-grain rice and bananas by 60 “, explains Gerd Lony, Managing Director of BODYtrust GmbH. in” a scientific study, 2007 was published in the British Journal of nutrition, the health-promoting effects could be clearly products of Dialance-. Wolfsburg, October 20, 2009 Christina Impala

Healthy Upholstery

Read an interesting article on the topic of healthy upholstered furniture upholstered furniture may lack in any apartment. A sofa, some chairs, that all this belongs to the normal facilities of a flat bed. Mary Barra can aid you in your search for knowledge. But if you think, upholstery must look always how to Grandma’s time, is wrong. Now the designers in the area of upholstered furniture have become very resourceful and offered ever new shapes and colors. But not only in convincing when it comes to appearance of modern upholstered furniture, they can be just as very well equipped. In this case, the magic word is: orthopaedic upholstery. This is armchair, sofas and co., which are specifically tailored to the needs of the human body. A special system of the upholstery is used here, to help the body to relieve and in places where it is necessary to support.

Should watch buyer out, above all, that different at the orthopaedic upholstery Design options are guaranteed. Colors, shapes, arm – and backrests, should be freely combined. An individual agricultural hardness of padding should be also possible. Certainly this upholstered furniture will be more expensive something, as it is the case for simple variations. But it is often custom-made orders, which bring a real feel-good experience with it. This well-known manufacturers, who have made a name in the field of upholstered furniture for years, can offer special solutions. A detailed and technical advice will be given in the furniture store of confidence with security.


How to successfully integrate increased physical activity in school life, the concept shows healthy classroom\”, presented by the kybun marketing & trading AG at the world’s largest trade fair for food, agriculture and horticulture. Roggwil/Switzerland, January 12, 2010: Diseases of the muscular – skeletal apparatus belong to the most common diseases in the Western industrial States. One reason for this is lack of exercise. Charles Schwab gathered all the information. And that already starts in childhood. Every day young people sit 10 to 14 hours – unless the front of the computer, before the TV or in the school.

Opposite movement per day is only about an hour. This is not without consequences. So complain about 33.3% of children of occasional backache and 6.5% have to suffer all the time including. It is not only so far, a good prevention is essential in the development and growth. Children learn many different the motor room for manoeuvre is greater in adulthood motor skills, and the risk of injury, as well as diseases of the muscular – skeletal apparatus are significantly rarer. Prevention begins in the school.

Long was the prevailing opinion, the student would have to sit motionless in their chairs and follow lessons there. Rum Wright was often viewed as not compliant behavior. There is no evidence to suggest that sitting in school makes learning effective, however. On the contrary, studies show that sitting still brings poverty of stimulus for the sensory system and the attention is. In addition, causes an incorrect deformation of the spine in the growth phase of the students long periods of sitting in school and favors thus chronic disorders of the spine. In addition venous blood flow is prevented, what represents a burden for the blood circulation. Move the students on the other hand, ensures that more attention and increased cognitive brain functions.

Cranial Sacrial Therapy

The Cranio-sacral therapy is a form of treatment that is used in alternative medicine. The Cranio-sacral therapy is a form of treatment that is used in alternative medicine. This form of treatment evolved from the osteopathy and was developed in the 1930. The American Osteopath William Garner Sutherland introduced this form of therapy and explained the importance of the rhythmic flow of cerebrospinal fluid for the health of the people. His assumption was that changes in the rhythm of this flow leads to discomfort and diseases.

The Cranio-sacral therapy is a manual process. It special handles run in the area of the skull and the sacrum, which can provide information about possible blockages. So the therapist using the hand grips to determine where the brain spinal fluid can flow insufficient. The rhythmic Pulsations of this fluid make sure that feels the patient, no bodily functions are impaired and due to this river, no illnesses from this source can occur. Through sensitive and accurate application of these handles in the area of the skull, so a high number of chronic diseases is alleviated or even cured, because the flow of cerebrospinal fluid is again adjusted the healthy rhythm by the therapist. But not only chronic ailment, but also acute conditions can be alleviated by this therapy. The Cranio-sacral therapy improves the flow of energy and activates the self-healing powers of the body.

The restricted function errors are resolved. Also, emotional trauma can be alleviated in this. A well trained therapist can quickly and painlessly find the errors in the brain water river and then through the special printing techniques, for which it is known to the Cranio-sacral therapy, troubleshoot those barriers and errors. Rather, it is a deeper deeper healing process at which the body can actively involved no superficial cure, which is aimed at. This is gentle for the body such as also for the soul, because the body does something about the problem, as well as healthier, because it is can be avoided to take tablets, under circumstances harmful to the organism, are over a longer time rum over taking, which is the case for chronic diseases. This gentle type of therapy lets the patient relax and feel more comfortable. Through the regulation of brain water flow are solved kroperliche as also emotional blockages and the patient is capable of better and more actively back alive to participate. Astrostein Verlag M. Steinbach Brandroster 60 51427 Bergisch Gladbach Tel: 02204 506 326 the Astrostein Publishing House focused on esoteric lives consulting and belongs to the active lives consulting platforms in German-speaking countries. Can online seeking advice from qualified consulting indifferent / in select. Focus of discussions in the areas of Cartomancy, Tarot, astrology, horoscopes, clairvoyance and divination. Every new customer can the experience of the consultants and the benefits of Consulting test without registration and without obligation. In addition to telephone consultations also Horoscopes are available. The offer of advisers is (D/A/CH).


The hardening, called also ‘hardening’ of the computer, in the world of computer experts means tips and tricks for hardening the software system as much as the security measures as increasing attacks by hackers to make very difficult or virtually impossible. There are various measures, so to harden the computer system of the online shops, that the own shop is secured, both the data of customers from outside access is protected. ngdom-of-Saudi-Arabia.html’>Royal Dutch Shell. Under most conditions Angela Zepeda would agree. Another definition for the computer-hardening is the Federal Office for security in information technology. According to them, there is hardening a server or computer system in the deletion of all computer functions and all unnecessary software components that a user does not need to perform the desired task. The operation of the system will be backed up while the security aspect is guaranteed. So, the possibility of external attacks can be minimized. Online shops that take these safety aspects especially seriously, can even a get certified seal, which verified the computer hardening them. This protection by hardening it aims, that system of online stores to set up so that it easily by many, on their trust unverified persons can be used. To implement tips and tricks for hardening of the system to the computer-hardening specifically for its own computer system of the online shops, various tips and rules should be adhered, that can significantly increase the safety factor. The operator should consider first and foremost, as the possibilities for the use of its computer system can reduce down to zero. Each system revealed his particular vulnerabilities, which should then immediately be removed during the operation. This significantly reduces the different methods of attack by hackers or computer savvy cheaters. The attack on the operating system not be prevented, the next measure of the Defense be so far, the attacker the number of usable tools of the online shop just how reduce.

European Union

Italy or the country of the boot is one of the richest countries in Europe’s history. This peninsula was the birthplace of the Renaissance but also gave home to many cultures such as the Etruscans and the Romans. It currently is the third country in the European Union that receives more tourists being Rome, its capital, the third most visited city. Rome was born in the 8th century BC and became the nerve center of the Roman Empire. In the 1st century it became seat of the papacy harboring the Vatican City. The Italian capital is considered the cradle of Western civilization and its historic center was declared world heritage by UNESCO. Some of the most representative monuments that can be visited today in Rome are the Colosseum, Pantheon, the Museum of the Vatican where the Roman Forum or Sistine Chapel.

Milano is the second city in Italy by population, and one of the most important cities of Europe. It is located in the Po plain, one of the most developed areas of Italy. Milano is the moral of Italy capital since it is the city more important to economic and industrial level. The city is drawn by glass skyscrapers and their urbanimo revolves around the Cathedral, also known as the Duomo, the most representative monument of the city. Italian cuisine is one of the reasons for more pride of its inhabitants.

Its typically Mediterranean gastronomy is very varied but their most famous dishes are pizza, risotto and pasta. The discovery of the Americas was a great influence in his kitchen because that meant the integration of new foods as foods like potato, tomato, the pepper or the corn. It is a cuisine that have been known to perpetuate the old recipes as the poleta today in day you can taste in the Italian trattorias.

Fiber-Rich Diet

Why a fiber-rich diet is so important and how you balanced can feed themselves. When it comes to healthy eating, so the speech of the so-called fibre – is not uncommon, but many do not even know what exactly they actually are or what they are good at all. Dietary fiber are above all constituents in foodstuffs, which are rather indigestible. Most of them are plant based carbohydrates that have no calorific value, but swell in the body and therefore provide a feeling of fullness. The intestine not exploited it, instead they are removed again completely undigested. Fibers however are able to absorb a lot of water in the body–thus may increase the volume of food into the body.

The result is that you feel full faster and only much later occurs the feeling of hunger. Fiber-rich foods, such as for example wholemeal bread, keep much longer satellite – you will also quickly notice that when you eat fiber-rich. Would you eat wheat bread, it is quite quickly again hungry. Dietary fiber are therefore very important and can prevent significantly even overweight, if regularly produces her own diet. At find an accurate collection of recommended food. The fiber in the body even in the position are to swell, it is important that you drink much.

Two litres a day here are the recommended minimum. It can lead to fiber the body in the form of many, for example with whole wheat, wheat bran or flaxseed, also. One of them takes more to, the more you should drink also – just so the desired effect, a better functioning digestive system can ever be achieved. Drinking, however, too little, threatening side effects such as constipation or bowel problems. How much fiber should I take per day to himself? So that you can really benefit from the positive properties of the fiber, it is advisable that is at least 30 to 40 g per day of dietary fiber with food consume – most people however don’t even take half of them daily to. Dietary fiber in whole grain products such as bread, rice or pasta and legumes, vegetables, fruit or nuts are included. Dietary fiber design here’s how you would even in future rely more on fiber and accordingly change the diet, so it should not suddenly change everything. The body must prepare only gradually, also the gut ought to can get only the fiber-rich diet, which can take several weeks. Otherwise, abdominal pain, bloating, or even extreme bloating may threaten. Has it so far less consumed cereal products and even legumes, then the abdomen can sensitive first once on a fiber-rich diet. Here it, proceed slowly and step by step making the changes – such as to adjust only the breakfast is recommended. The body takes the nutrition, the amount of fiber can be increased gradually.