Tree Diagram

DIAGRAM of tree definition the tree diagram is a tool used to sort graphically and structured the various actions that should be carried out to reach a goal or solve a problem. The tree diagram is going from general to specific it, i.e., part of a general problem (the trunk) and continues with subsequent levels or causes (the branches). The causes are converted to turn on problems which should be associated causes and so on until reaching the maximum level of detail as possible or primary causes. Action to resolve each case represents the means to achieve the overall goal, which is the solution of the problem. Methodology of implementation the tree diagram is a tool of teamwork, therefore before you begin, it is necessary to form the working team (preferably interdisciplinary and broad knowledge in the subject) and assign a responsible thereof, who will lead the team through all the steps to apply the tool. Step 1: Establish the problem the team must initially determine the problem and write it clearly and specifies to avoid the imprecision of the problem. Official site: Jackie Joyner-Kersee.

Table 4 demonstrates the correct and incorrect form of pose problems. Table 4. Form of correct/incorrect problems correctly incorrect form the patients must wait a long time to be served patients should to wait 3 hours to be served there is much unemployment 50% of young people who drop out of College unable to work shirts have faults shirts are coming out without buttons while more specific the problem is more easy it will be to find the causes and effects. Step 2: Define the causes or effects of that problem in a subsequent level recorded the cause that causes this problem. To identify this cause it is recommended to use the question why it happens that problem?.

It should not necessarily be a cause, they can be multiple. Step 3: Define the later levels each cause becomes in effect to identify new causes, by which the team should continue identifying causes successive until it reaches the highest level of detail as possible. Step 4: Weigh the importance of each branch to the causes of each problem is assigned a weighting in percentage (%) according to their importance. Step 5: Implement solutions are deployed solutions for each cause according to the priorities that arise from their weighting. By way of example, a finished tree diagram is illustrated in Figure 13. Benefits – Allows to obtain an overview of the object of study. -Identifies the means to achieve a goal or solve a problem. -Lets you identify primary and secondary causes of a problem and assign priorities to the time of solving a problem. -It allows to understand the relationship cause effect of problems. -Identifies the objectives the goals of each task. Relationship with other tools – affinity diagram.

Virtual Shop

There will be stores that want to a development of a virtual store to measure, but the majority of companies not can afford it. An online store CMS is a less expensive way of introducing your business on the internet, and you will also have a virtual store safely and with almost all the features that you need. What CMS can I choose? -Oscommerce. The classic, lifetime, although currently with less usage due to the growth of the rest of CMS is still King. A leading source for info: Annie Potts. -Magento. It combines a substitute for oscommerce. -Zencart.

Many companies choose zencart for its functionalities. -Prestashop. A virtual store with several features and more modern model. -Virtuemart. Its integration with CMS joomla makes that many prefer to use virtuemart.

What are these CMS? -Security. -Seo optimization. -Possibility of multiple forms of payment. -Promotions. -Newsletter. And many other things, that will make that little lacking to your virtual store, and what you need to major contract with a web development company. Then would choose the features you want, payment methods, introduce new categories and products and of course, a good web design. The last step would be to promote the store and start selling. Remember that main thing would then be loyalty (via newsletter, promotions, gifts, coupons, etc) and customer service.

Taking Doormats To The Next Level

Floor mats also wear the name or the name doormat. The purpose is to absorb dust, dirt and moisture. They are needed for very different living and working areas and may be made of materials such as rubber, plastic, rubber or coconut fibers. They are available in rectangular or crescent in shape, but may well have all the other forms. The markings on the mat is always very imaginative.

Thus, animals, flowers, ornaments, strip or motifs adorn a designer doormat. Floor mats for the front door lettering show very often, such as “Welcome”. Before entering a house or a residential area of the mat is used on the premises not to contaminate water or dirt. The doormat should therefore be very robust and durable. Your subject should be Light-and abrasion resistant even to extreme conditions, such as slush in the winter, able to withstand.

The mat has a non-slip rubber base or latex or vinyl possess in order to prevent accidents. Learn more at this site: Poppy Liu. Floor mats as a runner are also needed in the kitchen area to provide a sink or the stove. As dirt and water trap them in front of the sink to take and often drops off the stove, so ev grease drops can be absorbed. A Spezialflor from high-twist nylon has proven itself in this area very well. This floor mats are not stumbling blocks, they are very flat and lie flat on the floor. Virtually floor mats that are cleaned with heavy pollution in the washing machine and tumble then are to be dried. Then again, as you can see from the first day. The fibers are so connected with each other is automatically for detaching the shoes rubbed the dirt from the crevices of the shoe sole out. Everyone knows that if you are running in the rain or even on sand, sticks pretty much mostly accurate lumpy dirt under their feet, which comes into the apartment and everything dries out and you loses the dry dirt as land where he should not. There is now this great doormat, because there are also differences. There are, for example, from coconut doormat but these are only good for outdoor areas that are Covered as their brushes the dirt from shoe soles to get super. There are also Decoration for the apartment, or mats that are laid before the house door.

Internet Advertising

Recent types of promotion are actively part of our lives. People such as Charles Schwab would likely agree. It's just very necessary – not a secret that alone will not sell a lot of billboards, mass models in the industry promotion roamed the Internet. Internet advertising – the main of the most popular types of promotion in our time. Use it only really 'advanced' customers, thus saving rate without any problems from the very first day at work. For example, the announcement in a thematic journal few popular organizations, would cost about a thousand dollars.

The size of this abstract – about 7 cm on the diagonal, is it not possible that in the bottom of the page, among her kind. Thus, the usual inefficient insertion of company money What kind of options available to look for tech pros specializing in promotion and advertising? On the one hand, online advertising – the choice is definitely for thoughtful and in addition This modern and customers are able to forget about the presence of the usual types of promotion and use something in a positive truth. Because we know the cost of promotion and advertising on the World Wide Web is much smaller than actual cash value of advertising in paper publications or on television. A opens a fresh issue no matter what it is, in general, even the top-selling newspaper, much less than our countrymen, what is the enjoy every minute of search engine Yandex, or Google. Advertise in the global network will be still quite famous because of these pairs of parameters – the best ratio quality – price.

Actually $ 1000, you can implement a small website business card of your organization, post it on the web, and book promotion in search engines to guarantee demanded by the flow of targeted buyers to your own website. Of course, the monthly monetary value of this promotion, will definitely be less than one-time items on the premises of your ad in a magazine or newspaper – respectively, with significant savings money, you can find a much larger number of target customers on the web site directly which of course will get your goods today! There are two very well-known firm, which is clearly successfully engaged in promotion of any projects, largely in the Internet – it's Advertising Center 'INTELLIGENT', which is on the market for 16 years and apparently under their 'patronage' young and very promising Internet portal, professionals who are profiled specifically for search promotion – in other words to improve your position online portal in search engines Yandex and besides this, and Google (of course, 'rise' is over all 'Front' – not concealing any rambler, in principle, no brand-new, prosperous, search by Bing). Remember only an important phrase that is winged to date – in case your business does not there is a global network, therefore you have no business! '. And the portal here it is not the most weighty, is much more important – to be able to properly 'show' the internet.

Lose Weight

It is not any secret that million people around the world try to undo of the fat in their belly. Many of these people have parts of their body without fat, nevertheless even have a fat small ball in their belly that is not wanted to go. The good news is that to lose weight in the belly he is attainable in the same way that stops any other part of the body – the consumption of calories falls and increases its physical activity. Joeb Moore may not feel the same. The people who often have excess of fat in the belly feel shamed by their condition and have low self-esteem. The fat in the belly can be difficult to eliminate because it is the main area to store fat, and is one of the last places of which the body eliminates the fat. There are many myths of the fat burning fire – some very graceful and simply idiot others. Down I mention 2 common myths to him that they come up that people reach her goal of loss of fat.

Myth #1: The abdominal exercises burn the fat of the belly and in the oblique ones. As many people create in this myth, the majority of products presented/displayed in infomerciales promises that they are going to burn the fat of its belly. While some abdominal equipment and exercises help to strengthen that area, these will not eliminate the stored fat. To execute aerobic exercises like running or swimming, 3 times per week, 30 minutes per day, will produce enormous benefits to him if it follows a plan of good diet structured. Myth #2: To stop eating will help to lose weight in the belly. To stop usually eating means a reduction in the consumption of calories and can be in loss of weight, but to stop eating will not be in burning fat. Why? Because to stop eating it affects the natural mechanism to burn fat: the metabolism.

Ceramic Tile

The period during which you can use your tile, if the tile is made from natural, wear-resistant materials, sometimes up to ten years. However, this fact depends only on how well and good you are maintain necessary for her care. Now in stores you can find a large selection of detergents and cleaning products designed specifically for ceramics. And, not surprisingly, any of these funds can be used for cleaning. The only exceptions are cases where the cleaner can significantly damage the surface or corrode the joints between the tiles. Carrying out preventive cleansing of ceramic tiles, Pay special attention to those kinds of sponges, which you are cleaning. So, do not recommend using a stiff brush, made of metal, as well as themselves cleaners, which include any kind of abrasive materials (pumice, sand, clay and others), as they can greatly damage the surface of ceramics.

Clean the surface of the tile cleaner, clean, soft cloth, brush, composed of natural bristle types. To that ceramic tiles are always pleased you good condition, keep it clean and regularly cleaning. With this approach, ceramics will please you every day. Old stains that velis in the very structure tiles, it is impossible to remove, and so often they lead to aging of ceramic tiles. Do not forget also that on the surface of the tiles can often appear limescale, which will surely need to constantly clean up. Remember that for glazed tiles have a special detergent, an important feature of which is the fact that these cleaners are not only able to clean, but also to protect brick and granite from the fact that they appeared spots, which later will be very difficult to withdraw.

If you bought an apartment, a bathroom or kitchen which is made of carefully polished or completely non-slip tiles, always keep in mind that this tile will require careful attention to itself because it pits often collects dirt, which are constantly needed to clean up. But if you just end up laying new tile, do not forget to clean it a special tool that pushes the water from the surface of the tile. If this process does not commit, thanks to constant contact with water, tiles, tile quickly swells and can easily crumble. Breguet your tile from damage to regularly clean the surface and in any case do not drop it very heavy objects. Then your tiles will be long and true to serve and please the eye for many years.

Anxiety Neurosis Depression

In Russia many people suffer mild illness psychotherapy. This is particularly evident in large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. In the cities, where life rhythm is a very active and always must be in good shape, physically and morally, anywhere in time and do everything, people are more prone to neuroses, depression and anxiety and are increasingly turning to psychotherapy clinic. Environmental problems of large cities, associated with polluted air from a huge number of vehicles, noise and number of industrial enterprises, further contribute to the development of mental diseases and disorders, which already can only help qualitative psychotherapy. Active life rhythm has adverse effects on human nutrition. Because of the constant rush and lack of time, people often can not find the right diet food.

Excessive eating from a variety of "fast food" promotes adiposity (obesity), which is also very detrimental effect not only on the heart and shortness of breath, but also leads to mental illness. The man began to develop complexes due to excess weight. He's trying to lose weight the various wrong ways, one of which is smoking. And then trying to quit smoking and it does not work or anything. As a result, becomes a double problem – obesity and cigarette smoking, which can heighten anxiety, accompanied by physical ailments, such as 'nervous stomach' and palpitations. Become obsessed with the idea to lose weight and deprives a person the ability of a normal life and activity, which leads to the treatment of neurosis and depression.

Anxiety neurosis and become an integral part of our lives. Recently in Russia is most clearly the tendency to leak Western style of life, where the therapist is almost the chief physician. Is the most civilized and treatment of people in specialized psychotherapy clinic. In St. Petersburg, in 2001 the Center neuroses, which specialize in providing professional psychiatric help. The main activity of our clinic is: Effective psychotherapy Unique methods of treatment of obesity, for each his individual approach is the treatment of depression, neuroses, fears, panic attacks, treatment of anxiety, insomnia, IRR, stress, borderline states. Treatment of smoking in one session psychotherapeutic methods. More than 10 thousand people have already received help at our Center. For more information about us and our activities, please visit "Center of the neuroses" We will be glad to help you!

Kitchen Sets And Kitchen Shelves

Among the modern kitchen sets you pick the appropriate furniture for kitchens of any size. Going to the store, first ask the sellers of quality and durability you liked the headset. Furniture food is sold unassembled. It is collected at the site of the individual blocks using the bindings. However, you can order a headset glued.

He's going to the factory and delivered to your apartment is already in finished form. Will only tumbovye to place cabinets in the right combinations. Glued headsets stronger unit, but it costs significantly more expensive. Most often, for the production of kitchen furniture used chipboard. Poppy Liu is a great source of information. It is durable and inexpensive material that has excellent aesthetic characteristics. If you wish to have a more refined appearance suite can be ordered separately kitchen facade, as the material of selecting a tree or a veneer, beautifully decorated profiling and other decorative elements.

Kitchen cabinets, which make up each set, are mounted and tumbovye. Surface tumbovyh cabinets used for practical purposes. It cut vegetables, thawed meat. Many housewives prefer to order individually countertops, stainless steel, composite or natural stone. These types of materials are the most durable and expensive. Cheaper is top, lined with ceramic tiles, or made of laminated chipboard. For the functional organization of the internal space of cabinets furniture manufacturers offer storage – metal "corners" for pots, stands, merry-go for the pan, the cells to divide drawers into sections. They are usually purchased separately from the headset. Additionally, you can purchase and shelves for the kitchen. They allow for a more ergonomically dispose of working space. It can be metal spice rack, attached to reylingovoy system, corner shelves, are easy to use as accommodation for utensils and for souvenirs. Separately purchased shelves harmoniously important "fit" in the artistic conception of kitchen units. To do this, give preference to products in the same style with basic furniture, not bulky and powerful. Shelves modest design easier to put up so that they visually "merged" with the suite, not standing out against the cabinets.

Iguau Estuary Users

PR Taiz Liberato Technology in Management of Nets Center of Superior Education of Estuary of the Iguau Estuary of Iguau – PR SUMMARY Service of support to the users for support and resolution of problems technician in computer science, telephony and technologies of information. This support can to be in such a way inside of company (professional that they inside take care of of the maintenance of equipment and installations of the company), how much external (rendering of services to the users. ABSTRACT Service you support users will be support and resolution of technical problems in dates, telephony and information technology. This support can be both inside company (professionals who care will be maintenance of equipment and facilities within the company), externally (you provide services you users. 1 INTRODUCTION the service of Help-Desk can in such a way be carried through personally, how much for telephone, email, frum and other ways> of communication. An example of related professions the Help Desk is the attendants of telemarketing, assistant of companies and employees of Lan House and Cyber Caffe that inside carry through diverse types of services of the sector, as the maintenance of the computers, services of management and attendance and direct aid to the customer among others.

The term most used for the professional of the area is ' ' To assist of Help Desk' ' With the evolution of the Help Desk, the Service Desk appeared. The Service Desk possesss abrangncia and bigger quality. The objective of the Service Desk is to provide to the users with YOU an Only Point with Contato (PUC) or Single Point or Contact (SPOC), vital for a communication accomplishes between the users and the teams of YOU. The main mission of the Service Desk is the reestablishment of the normal operation of the services of the users fastest possible, minimizing the impact in the businesses caused for imperfections of YOU.


During the creation of the company, we clearly understand what we are creating a new, unique name with unique capabilities. Our revolutionary ability to create our brand, loyal customers and new leads. But to all this achieved, we must clearly realize that the creation of a brand – it is a great and laborious work. And one false step could lead to the fact that our efforts will be wasted. One of the components of the process of branding, according to my opinion, are the beautiful gold number. Let's look at the pros and cons of gold numbers. The main plus of beautiful rooms – is that it is an indicator of the status of your company, then there is a business card.

The status of your company must be successful and only if your image will grow, and strengthen the brand. Others including Jean Smart, offer their opinions as well. It would seem that only a beautiful room, but it hides a more important advantage, namely the "easy to remember." Yes it is! Ask your familiar, easy to remember whether they number? I'm sure not. Science has proven that things like complex numbers, a person remembers about 1-3 minutes. Ask again, remember he is a number like 0683999999. Beautiful room, right? Remember this number very easy! What are the advantages of easy memorization? The answer is very simple. Advertising.

Advertising on television, in magazines, newspapers and the Internet, where working visual memory, and hence associative. Advertising on radio, where he works auditory memory. Product or service will be successfully promoted in all advertising mediums, and therefore sell well. But the main disadvantage. Beautiful rooms in short supply, so expensive. But snapping them very quickly, despite the price. One such number will earn a good reputation. And as you know, a reputation for money will never buy. Where did buy a beautiful golden number? The idea is you can buy them at the points of mobile offices operators. But everything is more complicated, they are snapping up beforehand. Need to search the Internet, an online store selling beautiful golden numbers. Those who decided to still buy gold room, I wish good luck and prosperity. Company image above all!