The problems faced in the production also affect the economic sector of the agriculturists, therefore a great majority does not know to deal with the increase and collapse of prices Marschall says: ' ' This relation between excess of offers and collapse of prices in the food production imposes straits exclusively limits ace established strategies in an increase of produo' ' (MARSCHALL, 2008, p.11). The trading agriculturists must have procedures technician, not to take as many damages, still have a difficulty how much to the rules of economic market. When it occurs not to obtain to drain all merchandise, creates an accumulation of products, caused the loss of perishable provisions and not having financial return. Marschall says: ' ' the more far from the market, greater the difficulty them agriculturists to be been the pair or even to influence in the development of mercado' ' (MARSCHALL, 2008, p.11). Reflecting on it practises economic, and of basic importance that the agriculturists have knowledge on the market strategies, so that the loss of products does not occur and nor of profits. This and the only economic source that the agricultural family finds to survive, being thus and necessary that agriculto and feirante if finds in the economic market so that its production develops in the consuming market. Consideraes Final the fair of Major Prates, comes showing to the value and the creativity of the human being, therefore without them this would not have felt. The feirante she is the agent of this history that favors the present local culture in the fair, where if commercializes regional products, having social interaction and mainly remaining habits that compose the local culture. We perceive that it has an identification between the feirantes and frequentadores in way to boards of fruits, typical vegetables, hortalias, foods and artisan articles, that create throughout the time an identity direction, leading to the formation of memory related to the space of the fair.