Allergic against certain food food allergies are not as common as, for example, pollen allergies, they are often fatal. By the same author: Mary Barra. The most affected are the respiratory tract, the mouth, the stomach or the intestines and the skin. No matter how extensively it operates its skin care naturally beautiful to look who has a food allergy, and at whom the face skin and eyes are allergic, the eye cream or other skincare help products from the online pharmacy. The most common is an allergy to cow’s milk. The allergic symptoms are caused by protein body in cow’s milk in egg white and egg yolk, soy, wheat, fish and nuts. Be largely weakened by the cooking process the most allergens, food in the natural form are dangerous for people with allergies as preserved food. You must when an allergy to cow’s milk and eggs while avoiding the allergens that sure that both foods in many dishes are automatically included. Just think about back-up and Pasta, meat and sausage products, sweets, even in hair shampoos can include egg.

Who wants to replace milk with soy products, will also pitch, because allergens cause now also increasingly allergic to soy. Many types of nuts can be also allergen supplier. At the top are peanuts, followed by Hazelnuts, walnuts, Brazil nuts and almonds. Strong allergens contain also legumes such as beans, peas or lentils. Among all types of cereals, wheat and rye can be dangerous especially if they are enjoyed in a raw format. Processed cereals contain fewer allergens.

Fish is a well-known trigger of allergies, the same applies to shellfish and crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, lobster or clams. Forget you shouldn’t also, that fish protein can be included in various foods and ready meals, and even eggs and pork or poultry meat, if the animals with fish meal were fed. Allergy sufferers want the weight loss or Have to truly not just lose weight there. How should one put together because only a healthy diet, if the body is allergic to so many foods? Vegetables also poses problems. Allergic reactions occur most commonly fennel and especially celery asparagus, leek, chives, cabbage, watercress, radish, carrots, parsley root. The latter is a problem particularly because it is included in countless mixed spices. The who, however, allergic, even a tiny amount for the irritation of the immune system is enough. There are also the so-called pseudo allergies. They can be caused by all food, which microbes changes on one side too long storage or on the other hand contain histamine naturally.