Armin Albrecht

Get interested in the 30 + January 31, 2009 information sales office Armin Albrecht in Steinfurt in recent weeks about the launch of the Polo action and the publication of the new Internet site reported. Now there is still something special in January, fit to start in the new fiscal year. The strategic partner LR health and beauty has made it possible system, to build a second income with an innovative concept of job and in addition free a LR Polo to go. Information get by phone or over the Internet but also closely interested in the Sales Office of Albrecht in personal conversation and on the Polo info days held in future. The first time you can inform themselves on the 30.01. Click Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant to learn more. + 31, 2009 from 10:00 to 18:00 in the Office rooms in Steinfurt and all outstanding issues.The team is looking forward to an interesting day and many visitors. Who to inform the possibility on the info day, can this like the free service number 0 800 880 20 85 or do on the Internet page.