At Aldi

Who has his very own, personal and individual problems with money, dealing with money, or with the subject of money in General and in principle, which is at this point, said: I’m at H.E.L.L.P.S very much more than just money collecting, sponsorships / helpers high. It concerns the spiritual side: hope dedication loyalty Solution-oriented self-help power of love is power for life solidarity, perhaps I should write better, who so much of it that he can deliver what I, may it please do. Then I distribute it fairly among those who are not seemingly not so blessed. But how should be possible renewal, as long we don’t know: what is hope? What is commitment? What is loyalty? What is Losungsorientierteebenshilfe? What is power of love power for life? What is solidarity? What istgerecht? How much do you need of them? How much do I need it? How much does my neighbor of it? When is enough? Yes, there’s really still very, very busy at the root world wide H.E.L.L.P.S is for all this! Pay rent & power with a container of bread is not! At Aldi, we can not pay with pockets full of love! H & M trades not the old worn out clothes of my daughter with new! Money alone is not filthy, dirty, disgusting, nauseating or reprehensible, the ideas are the ones to which money is being misused. And these come only from People, so by us, they are born in us, in our minds, in our hearts and be implemented with our hands! Why do we responsible money for something, we have to take responsibility for himself. Why don’t we practice: self responsibility self-initiative self-confidence these things are vital! These things are worthy of support! How long we as parents relatives, acquaintances, neighbors, teachers, therapists, doctors, healers and Lightworkers silently watch, not game intervene enough and do what needs to be done, so that a poor, ill and lost soul unable is to such a fact as in Winnenden? A day, a week, a month, a year, many years? When we will be a blessing for all who meet and more pose no danger? How want to we what change in the world, if we are not prepared our attitude to the issue of poverty, hunger, money, success, sex, power, violence, truth.Benevolence in ourselves to change? A truth is, that we to do nothing wiser as our children, our parents or society for our own failure, failure and addiction potential blame.