At The Age To Earn Money!

60plus – entrepreneurship for people in the third age still it concerns me not, when our Mayor he says seniors – so that people over 65 (I’m just 64) invites you to a free afternoon of old in the Community Hall… Here there is filter coffee and a piece of cream cake, a few encouraging words of the Mayor, and sometimes a song of the women’s Chorus. Usually a representative of the district tag comes before the elections. There is an additional handshake of the Party Chairman. Everyday life in Germany! Unfortunately! I am just turned 64 years old, is still located in the professional life, a scant year ago did the webmaster training. I will lead my company active till I really no longer fit.

This will take a few more years! The legal regulations in Germany are varied. Pensioners will be 6 years old we are trained, with 18 years we may choose, at the age of 65, we’re old\”, i.e. we. CMO Hyundai describes an additional similar source. Retirees has become a generic term for the elderly. No wonder that A danger for their future see young people in the 60 + generation.

Fashion words, such as pensions, retirement, early retirement do not contribute to the positive image of older people. Pensioner means, take the money and live at the expense of the younger. Press reports from tanned seniors on cruises and on golf courses complete the image of the ugly pensioner\”. What can we do to improve the image of older people in the general public? How we offer stand up against disrespect and disenfranchisement ‘ older people? Below I show you, opportunities and possibilities, to be able to live in the age with dignity and prosperity. Congratulations! You have reached the age of sixty years and could finally make your retirement application. Or maybe you’re only 50 years old and want to reap the benefits of long-term deposits as early retirement.