Company Requirements

Analyzing at great length problematic the previous one, this work proposes like scientific problem to solve: How to identify the requirements of software of the process of Legalizations from needs expressed by the client? Of this form the Engineering of Requirements considers like investigation object. It will be had like General mission of Investigation: To realise the elicitacin, analysis, specification and validation of the requirements, that the common understanding between clients and developer facilitates, for the development of the Process of Legalization in the Main directorate of Registries and Notary’s offices. In general sense with this work as newness implies. The creation of a Computer science System that integrates and controls all the information related to the Legalizations, which facilitate the control of the Proceedings associated to a Document and the operation of the process of Legalization and Company/signature of them document. 2. METHODOLOGY From the beginnings worked basically oriented to obtain the obtaining of the requirements that offer the functionalities required for the accomplishment of the Legalization in the MPPRIJ. For the development of this work firstly one investigated the different activities that the Inginera owns of Requirements, analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of each one of the activities. Considering the use of the elicitacin of requirements, since one is the process during which the information that determines the wished characteristics and the restrictions are identified that will have to satisfy the software system. Soon the existing techniques already for the development of the elicitacin were analyzed, to contribute to the improvement in terms of quality and reduction of costs in the construction of the end item. It was determined to use the storm of ideas to obtain a general view of the Process of Legalizations being identified the needs that the system must satisfy, these first ideas took shape by means of the Interviews in which desarrollareon each one of the functionalities that the system had to fulfill, served as technical as support Observation In situ and the study of the Documentation.