Construction Surveying Buildings

Surveyors – original science of the Earth (Greek GE + daiomai land parcel). Surveying has been studying the size of the Earth as a whole and its parts, as well as observations of celestial bodies (space geodesy, astronomogeodeziya). It appeared as far back as ancient times and was needed for construction, the division of land, drawing maps. The ancient surveyors used primitive tools, but over time, geodetic instruments become more complex, keep up with the current pace of development of society. In our time, geodesy – one of the most high-tech sectors of modern industry. None of the construction site is complete without a professional surveyor with modern laser and electronic equipment and a powerful personal computer with or without a costly software. What are the geodetic work on a construction site? Surveyor – Specialist, decisive a variety of tasks.

Geodetic work may be accompanied by construction, observations of rainfall and deformations of buildings. Can also be executed facade shooting with 3D modeling of buildings, topography Shooting for drawing maps and plans, measurements of buildings, calculations of pits and mounds in the development of soil, as well as more specific survey operations. The most common type of surveying – stroitelstvazdany support. What is in the works to support the construction? Before the start of construction, that is, before the foremen, technicians and workers of different specialties to come to the site, necessary to prepare the project documentation. In order to properly draft the construction, landscaping, grading unit (slope of land) and so requires a so-called Geological preparatory basis, which would be dealt to all existing buildings and structures, surface and underground communications, relief and other necessary information.