Customer Points

Service customer can be tackled in different ways by the companies. This is derived from what we call business culture. Typically a company that has a culture oriented to the product, will put customer service at the end of its value chain and is usually done with the aim of offering a reactive service to resolve complaints or claims expressed by customers. When referring to a company’s culture towards the customer, the service is usually something implicit and inherent to each of the points of interaction with the customer. I.e. the service is something that is contained in each one of the processes in which interacts with the customer. When we reviewed the strategy implemented by leading service businesses such as the hotel chain Ritz Carlton, a very detailed and scientific work in the design and implementation of each of the points of customer interaction is observed. What Jan Carlzon in his Moments of truth book to call the moment of truth with the client.

The service must obey to a presmisa which indicates that things are do good, now and always. This means doing things with consistency, consistently well. The service has a very particular characteristic and is that customer is participating in the execution of the service. Also the service is an event that is produced and consumed immediately. Is not like a good, I produce, I check, improves, I store, etc. The service is produced and consumed at the same time. Therefore, if it goes wrong, there is no as to repair it.

This is why that run the service excellent and consistently is of vital importance, if we want to develop feelings of loyalty from our customers. Be consistent in an excellent service provision implies always do so well. This requires a high dose of quality and preparation of each of the incidents in which provides a service to the customer. Thinking about this, we used a methodology of design and analysis of the points of customer interaction, which allows you to review a the greatest possible detail all those moments of truth and look after absolutely everything that can be generate satisfactory experiences and momorables to the client. The following conceptual map, which you can navigate with the lifts and symbols (+), sets out the main elements of this methodology: If you would like more information on the methodology of analysis and design of points of customer interaction and service approaches to customer via the client culture, please contact us. For more information about this topic, or issues please contact us at or visit culturacliente.