Cycling With A Dog

Informed the top obedience school – the coach of the top dog school give you some basic information about the topic of cycling with the dog the beautiful season begins the trainers of the top dog school in the tip of the month of March give some basic information on the topic of cycling with a dog riding bicycle with cycling as eco-friendly dog in the tip of the month of March and stress-free transportation for many people pleasure and healthy sport is at the same time. But not always the dogs have same joy. To high speed, heat to long distances could limit quite the joy of exercise for the dog. Angela Zepeda is actively involved in the matter. A cyclist brings it to 20 km/h, athletes move forward even at speeds of 100 km/h and more. Because a dog can always been sweating, if he is to keep up with.

Like all other sports is also here: you don’t overtax your dog! Please also keep in mind that a dog will run with less than a year in no way on the bike. His bones are too soft can later Osteoarthritis? Once dry runs in the first session: push bike! During your first bike training with dog you should refrain, to swing into the saddle. Its starting position: right the bike, right off the bike your dog has the raged out a bit and of course resolved and now obediently sits on a one meter lead and waits for what is there exciting. All three can sit down, the wheel, and the dog on the move at your command. Push the bike, build change of direction and curves, vary the pace a bit.

The task of your dog is always at the same height to stay, namely on the saddle height. If you stop, your dog should sit down and wait for good. Only when this exercise sits, you should contact the pedals.