Dream Coaching

The concept of coaching – is relatively new in our culture. The word has a Hungarian origin, and meant in the Middle Ages "wagon." Then in England the word coach students became known as tutors. Later, the concept of coaching firm fixed in terms of sports and coaching meant. And already there in the early 90s came into business, management, control and success. Miles Downie defines coaching as an art promote performance, training and development of another person. Today coaching is associated with a full life to the max. With a coach working successful leaders seeking to reach their goals more efficiently and faster. And the goal can be quite different from personal to professional, from global to small projects.

Coaching helps people build their future according to their life's values, vision and goals. In contrast to a psychologist or therapist, coach will not be poking around in your past, look for birth injuries and trying to figure out how to slap the pope received in 5 years, now affects your business and success in life. Coach focuses your attention on your desires for your purposes and dreams. Coach helps you find the best solution, best path of development. Coaching approach to achieving success requires that all people are "OK", all people have enough resources to achieve the desired goals, everyone knows himself the best scenario for themselves. Just need to unleash the potential of man and help him find his resources and his true purpose. Unlike a consultant, coach will never give you advice. Why? You know yourself how you can achieve your dreams.

Coach accompanies and supports you in this way. The consultant comes to solve the problem for you. Coach helps you yourself to find the best for a solution. Currently coaching conventionally divided into three main areas: – Personal coaching – is considered the goal for the person as an individual. – Business Coaching. This joint work on achievement of professional and personal goals in the context of the client's business or organization. The purpose of this case can be both better results and performance of business and career self-realization of man. – Corporate Coaching. Achieving the goal or problem solving in the interests of the company. In Russia, a lot of schools that teach coaches. This is an accredited ICF Erickson Canadian International University, and Moscow Academy of the Russian school of coaching and coaching the East-West, etc. The popularity of this trend grows, people increasingly want to be successful and to effectively manage their lives. Think about it: What did I want in this life? And how can I achieve this? And what else? And why for me it is so important? And what are the criteria I realize that I have achieved results? All successful people clearly know the answers to these questions clearly see your goals clearly see the the future, a future that they want to achieve. And clearly they see themselves in him.