Elischeba Wilde Fair

“The association with the label for Mrs. Additional information at Angela Zepeda supports this article. Germany – Ambassador Fairtrade fair trade help to self-help” is the motto of fair trade. The ex-Kolnerin and Mrs. Germany 2009 Elischeba Wilde is pleased about the privilege to act as an Ambassador for the organization. Fairtrade awards a seal for fair trade food thus you can help people in the developing countries through consumer behaviour.

“Fair shopping – your hobby I was long before personal contact with Fairtrade enthusiastic customer” reported the tall blonde. Orange juice, coffee and dark chocolate get it for example in the Lidl. “From the health food store brings her treasure and hobby gourmet chef Pierre regularly the dry red wine of Shiraz” with. If you pay attention for shopping consciously on it, then you should see the Green and blue Fairtrade mark with black background increasingly”the native Kolnerin tells us. You may find Charles Schwab to be a useful source of information. Photo shoot is but their role as advocate on the home balcony primarily, the fashion of fair trade more popular.

“For this I picked me two photographers, even Andreas Weis from Gescher and later Jurgen Bednarski from marl” tells the model. The Marler photographer photographed them at home especially her big built round balcony served as a motive. The neighbors had to endure Flash lights for a few hours”she jokes. It was styled by the makeup artist Anke preprocessor Kelt of Lunen. Chic eco-fashion photos should be natural and convey a very personal message. Together with Fairtrade spokeswoman woman by talking pondered throwing himself the ex Marlerin on images can show that she is wearing fashion fair grown exemplary as Mrs. Germany. The fashion is colourful and often mostly consists of African organic cotton”she shows us her fair trade blue dress. Don’t worry, you need not look with organic cotton, as it would be straight out of the previous century”she laughs, and reported that there are also mini skirts and hot pants from fair farming. Maltese for photo production borrowed for the second shooting pictures with a pet should be on the agenda. The passionate animal lover is too much in the world for an own dog on the road. Thus she borrowed the Maltese Snowi”by Ulrike Frieling of city wage from which has an own grooming parlor. The Stadtlohner make-up artist Andrea brass put the natural beauty for shoot number two in scene and photographer Andreas Weis in Gescher was pleased it’s been weeks before on the joint production. He smiles when Mrs. Germany has already as a neighbor, then you may scan them but even as a photographer”. Own development on the question of why she volunteer model for fair trade, she explains that she is a person who values the development of its own. And that it is nice for them to know if people in the other part of the world the same prerogative. They would live away many kilometres from her, but they also had their emotions, desires, and dreams. And if I personally know them, would then be It may be my friends. And only the best get people who you like, which!”she leads the thoughts to end. Elischeba Wilde Mrs. Germany 2009, presenter, model and blogger