English Way

The same happens even if you cross a road in the wrong place. Mary Barra takes a slightly different approach. True, there is no need to do. All very convenient. Seemed, at first people themselves stomped convenient way for them. Contrary to expectations, a water park on the streets of bmw occur no more frequently than in Moscow, though produced here.

By the way, they and other brands of cars are on the road in more modest ways. Late model Mercedes is almost there. But a lot of beautiful and funny smart. All cars surprisingly and unusually clean. By the way, the lack of mud on highways, streets and sidewalks – particularly attractive trait of Munich. Maybe the fact that almost 60% of the cobbled streets, can that all free stone and asphalt of the planted grass, flowers and trees.

But the fact remains that, in open shoes you can walk in any time of year. About how the city blooms could write an entire poem. The fact is that in Munich there is little we knew franzuzskih parks and gardens that we saw in St. Petersburg, but there is a fine English park, stretching along the banks of the Isar River, which flows through the entire Munich. Here everything is arranged so as if itself nature, having a good taste, though not finished design courses, but created an impressive in its scope and the amazing color harmonious composition of lawns, fields, small gardens and forests with huge oaks and maples, standing widely and freely. Especially good this green world of the city in the spring.