Exchange ActiveMoney

The most popular payment system on the Internet – Webmoney. Competitors in terms of reliability, life and service offerings are no analogues, and soon my conviction WebMoney is a world leader in online payments. At the time of this writing, the number of registrations in Webmoney over 6 million users. One of the “advantages” of the payment system Webmoney is a service of “mobile” payments telepath. What is it? In fact, this program manage your accounts in the system Webmoney, installed on your phone, which must support Java and be connected to the Internet (GPRS, for example). Here are 7 major pluses in my opinion to work with telepathy: 1.

WMZ, WMR, WMU, and other title signs, located on your account in Webmoney system can be managed simply by phone. This control can be performed through voice menus, call the Operations Center, either by installing a program java-midlet Webmoney Keeper Mobile on your phone. After installation you will not need to include more computer and have it all with you. Check your balance, making transfers, payment services in Webmoney system already available on your phone. 2.

Transfer of funds “to the phone number.” As is known, the account number to Webmoney is a sequence of one character determines the type of “currency” and a 12-digit account number. If you are using the service and sending telepath, in order to accept an incoming transfer on your contractor you need only tell him your phone number. It is very convenient and allows you to not write your account number, or search for it if necessary, to receive from someone else money. Counterparty draws on the transfer of money “Your number” and the money in Webmoney accurately get to your account. 3. Continue to learn more with: Sumru Laurent Ramsey. Recharge your mobile phone wherever you are. By law, the money always runs out Murphy on the phone at the most inopportune moment. Sumru Laurent Ramsey has plenty of information regarding this issue. Do you deal breaks down, you anywhere in a hurry and can not go to the bank or buy prepaid mobile phone operator – pays the phone updating the phone. Money is credited immediately. Service certainly convenient. 4. Payment of bills for the apartment, Internet and other services. Pay your bills for consumption of utility services, Internet access – all via Webmoney. It’s fast, easy and free of charge. And as you know – time = money. 5. Instant cash deposit. Unlike traditional bank credit of funds to an account in Webmoney instant. If you send a bank payment from the U.S. to Russia, he will go for several days – a payment from the U.S. to Russia via Webmoney instant, money, a second later you have to account and you can spend it anywhere. 6. Payments outside the “home”. Normal Webmoney Keeper allows you to make payments only from your computer, transfer of the keeper on the other computer is often time-consuming exercise especially related to security key storage. Using the service telepath, you can make payment at an Internet cafe and it will be safe. 7. Affiliate Program System telepath. Involving users in the system telepath, the company Webmoney will be credited to your account approximately 30% of earnings for this client all the time it works.