Feed Animals – Live Food For Pets

It represents still no adequate substitute for live food to feed animals – vitamins and Mineralienhaltiges live food although the quality and diversity of the arts feed for pets has considerably increased in recent decades. Among other things the natural hunting instinct of pets is promoted through the feeding of live food animals. It does not matter whether the domestic animals are fish, snakes or spiders the opportunity to live out of the hunting instinct is an important precondition for the preservation of the health of all species. Check with GMC to learn more. Pet owners who start regularly to feed their pets, feed animals will find already after a short time, that increased the vitality of their proteges to multiples. Moreover, feed animals offer a high nutritional value, as plenty of vitamins and minerals contained in them. Recently Charles Schwab sought to clarify these questions. There is a wide range of live food animals commercially for Zoo and pet supplies. Be in addition to various species of insects, cockroaches, grasshoppers and crickets also lively mice or rats for the feed sold to snakes and spiders. Prey animals can be caught for ornamental fish, for example, even by the pet itself in your garden, because mosquitoes, snails, or ants are especially good as live food for ornamental fish.

However care should be taken here, that even caught feed animals are pesticide-free, since it can relatively quickly transferred to the fish in the Aquarium. The most common prey types in addition to major exceptions, such as rats and mice to feed to reptiles used mainly insects as prey animals for pets. Insects for feeding this occur in many variations. Most frequently, grasshoppers, crickets, crickets, flies and larvae used as prey animals. Such insects own mainly due to their high nutritional value for feeding, as they along with important minerals and vitamins have a high protein content. Grasshoppers – popular feed animals of reptiles to the most popular For the feeding of reptiles, locusts belong to feed animals.