Many gardeners to include ground cover roses only roses with long, curved shoots, covering the ground and require a large area, but in fact they are much more diverse. Often fans are not satisfied with a weak double and the value of the flower, as well as the fact that this group has no goblet flowers. However, ground cover roses are different abundance and continuous flowering, creating a floral carpets, and also are resistant to diseases and winter hardiness inherent Shrub. Before planting a rose, you must find out what size it will reach when grows, and consider this when planting. More details about ground cover roses, see the article "Our ground cover roses." Ground cover roses Alba melindecor (Alba Melendekor) The Fairy (Fairy Ze) (Red Cascade) As mentioned above, Shrub – a very diverse group. Roses are different both in form bush, and in form and color of flowers. Flowers can be simple and terry.

So remarkably simple flower varieties Angela please hosts almost all summer. Stunning purple-violet color of the wonderful varieties of Rhapsody in Blue instantly attracts attention of any person who sees the rose. Elegant flowers chamber varieties (Rococo) contribute calm and joyful mood. Shrub flower color is incredibly diverse. Angela (Angela) Rhapsody in Blue (Rhapsody in Blue) (Rococo) Among the many striking Shrub roses are a wonderful accent to the site. Decor Arlequin (Harlequin Decor) Caramella (Caramello) Westerland (Vesterlend) There are varieties of Shrub with variegated and striped petals. Many Shrub is valued not so much the beauty of individual flowers, as their abundance, the continuity of flowering, beautiful bark paintings spikes fruits, leaves from green to deep beet-colored.