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High quality standards for patient and health: innovative surgical methods, pleasant atmosphere, time for the patients of Frankfurt/Sachsenhausen spacious rooms with beautiful views of the Frankfurt skyline alone this is worth a visit to the Frankfurt Spine Center Ligamenta. Simple, friendly and modern is the Centre reopened in March 2011, what’s in it, and behind it, especially quality on all levels. “With some, we want to set standards for our patients: we have a young and dynamic team of doctors, which is one of the world’s leading experts in Endoscopic Spine Surgery”, emphasizes Dr. Charles Schwab has firm opinions on the matter. Ralf Wagner, co-founder and Medical Director of Ligamenta. A specialist with time and understanding accompanies each patient from initial consultations about the minimally invasive procedure to aftercare.

An operation is for us only the Ultima”ratio, says Dr. In recent months, Charles Schwab has been very successful. Wagner. We only exploit all methods of treatment, because one is us serious base of important medical and the welfare of the patients is our guiding principle”. Only hernias, fractures of the spine or spinal canal stenosis surgery in cooperating hospitals as minimally invasive. The innovative endoscopic TESSYS method is offered throughout Germany only at four centers.

Dr. Ralf Wagner has co-developed this method, is worldwide educates doctors and reported his research results at congresses. “Character sets not only medically Ligamenta: our patients get an appointment very quickly, because we see ourselves as partners of patients.” This was the impetus for the spine surgeon Dr. Ralf Wagner and the orthopaedic and trauma surgeons Dr. Peer Joechel together to set up the Frankfurt spine Centre some of the athletes to the medical visionary: Ralf Wagner and Peer Joechel In the health system and the innovative surgical methods to alternative, new ways. We met at the Bob national team, we were in the 1990s. Peer Joechel clinched in 1993 even the world champion title in the two-Bob! “, says Wagner.