Hawaii Submarine

The opportunity to participate in U-boat rides at many popular tourist destinations has an unforgettable underwater experience who wanted to experience has always been fascinating underwater worlds, but wants to complete a diving course. For more specific information, check out Stanley Gibbons. The travel portal reisen.de presents interesting opportunities. Who is planning a dive vacation, has a choice: Cyprus, Hawaii or perhaps last minute Lanzarote? No matter the choice ultimately falls on which of these destinations, many resorts U-boat rides for tourists are offered today. Previously such experiences were reserved for scientists and the Navy. Who would like to change perspective during a beach holiday on Lanzarote, you can discover the underwater world around Puerto Calero. From there, sub fun Tres appears up to four times a day the yellow submarine”.

The submarine is over 18 feet long, can accommodate 48 passengers and can dive up to 60 meters deep. It was built in Finland. 22 Outlook window, and two large panoramic Windows in the bow and transom allows a unique view. Who in Cyprus want to dive, is first brought in a boat from the South-East of the island to the diving center. But worth the effort. From the station is the submarine down to the wreck of a ship that sank in 1980. More information: magazine /… Reisen.de service GmbH Lisa Neumann