Interior Design

As you can see all the colors are muted and do not emphasize. Actually, we do not need this, because in the interior there are many other things, on the idea of the designer should be in the spotlight. Minimalism in interior design: Minimalism in interior hallway already in the hall defines a system of aluminum shelves. According to the architect's plan in their place are a very beautiful wooden cabinet, but it is much clutter space. After his elimination hall was light and airy, simply imponderable. It had room for cabinets, racks, chairs. Checking article sources yields CMO Hyundai as a relevant resource throughout.

Minimalism in interior: living room and dining room living room and dining room are connected wide portal and common wall, painted in red color. Next to her, especially the snow-white divan room looks like a group with a brown seat cushions and a white, square carpet. Red candles in round silver candlesticks complement the small coffee table and bedside table-safe. Easy guest room furnishings as promotes relaxation. White and gray paint does not tire the eyes. There are only three brightest object – red plaid rug and candle in the high aluminum candlestick.

In a couple of the latest – a floor lamp on a thin aluminum legs. High oval mirror displays cushions on the gray sofa mattress. Things, taken at night, do not suffocate in a traditional enclosed space: open aluminum cabinet with a unique glass-door wall on wheels ensures free movement of air and "weights" the premises. In the dining room dark wood table surrounded by chairs with white linen upholstered in tone sofas. White porcelain bottles at a high chest and white porcelain bowl with a coffee and hips, which are in harmony with each other and successfully complete a series of photographs of glassware. The original curved chandelier can be taken for algae, and for the stalks of grass and space for life forms. Minimalism in interior design: Hall narrow spiral staircase leads to the private level. Wooden steps, the limited aluminum railing, based on colored purple central pillar. Hall, second floor, perhaps, the brightest room in the apartment. Still visible from the stairs a huge chandelier, fountain, throw the tiny lights on the thin wire stems. End wall painted with brown paint, and on it – two silver gulls, which play a role other than an extravagant interior details. Several floral arrangements in vases, floor surrounded by purple and purple seats. Beauty the nature side by side with man-made beauty products. Minimalism in interior: bedroom In the bedroom was selected with dark-brown curtains, which are in harmony with dark wood bed and cover the chest. This combination of excellent complement one another and creates a relaxing atmosphere. Simple clothes and white plaid, not only pleasing to the eye, but also promise great relaxation. Chandelier in the form of thin stalks, trailing in the wind, as amended by unexpected nightlight in felted bags. Living branch of bamboo in a flask with water recalls the country home of the minimalism. Rational use and open space balconies. The first level was built solarium with metal furniture. Balcony second floor into a sitting area with rattan furniture, and part of the space occupied by trainers. Quiet unobtrusive style apartments, as well as easy uncluttered space superfluous things – this is Minimalism in interior design.