Internet Explorer

Storage box in the practical test ( the number of business processes, which is handled exclusively by E-Mail, in most companies is steadily increasing. The system, therefore, need a solution that allows you to build the internal and external E-Mail traffic without much effort and secure it. The here presented archiving system promises to these tasks cope with. Many of the solutions that are offered for the backup and archiving of E-Mail data, specifically aimed at large enterprises and their needs as well. We have chosen the so-called Zoe archiving system us for this practice test, which is distributed in Germany by the company Shelco.

This solution provides an archiving solution, which should be suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises. Important also for smaller companies: E-Mail archive. Who wants to use this solution in its network, has to the appliance in its network to integrate, that they each inbound and outbound Nachrichterhalt and can store. The administrator here requires no additional software on the PCs at the site because the appliance works cross-platform. The only software that the system administrator needs to access the solution, is a current Internet browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer.

The archiving system is available in two versions: for larger customers, the provider recommends the ZOE.server. This solution should be used in networks with up to 500 email mailboxes. The appliance has a hard drive capacity of 750 GB and is delivered in the 19-inch rack format. For our test, we chose the in the smaller variant, which thought the provider for up to 80 mail boxes. The device consists of a solid metal chassis with an orange plastic screen. On the front of the device, the user finds a large 4 x 40 character LCD display, which indicates operating status and fault conditions flashing on draws attention. The only controls are five buttons, the first are hidden behind a plastic slide.