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NOW ONLY WHAT YOU HAVE TO DO IS MODIFY THIS LETTER FOLLOWS: Moves to the person who is in position # 4 to position # 2, making sure copying the information correctly and completely. (The person that is in position # 2 is out of the list because it already merged its US $40000) Second: Moves to the person who is in position # 1 to position # 4 making sure copying the information correctly and completely. Third: Moves to the person at position # 3 to position # 1 making sure copy correctly and completely all the information. Finally: Place your name, full address, and your full e-mail in position # 3. Please also place your name and your e-mail at the end of this letter.

Remember: You only have to send US $5 at positions # 3 and # 4 of this Charter, not ENVIES money to LAS positions # 1 or # 2. Note important publishes on the Internet your own article once you’ve made your payment you since if you start before your affiliates will ask the subjects 1 and 2 in your list and they will respond that the reason is not, because the mail takes longer than one week if the destination is in a different country. Hence the importance that you send proof scanning send your mail to the number 3. Uses your Internet Explorer and tries to find several groups and communities, classified ads (forums online, message boards, chat, etc) visit as many groups as des changes everything that you think suitable for this article, but try to keep it as more close as possible to the original. Now put your article in at least 200 NEWSGROUPS, also called forums or newsgroups, ads or classified (there are more than 24,000 groups). All you need is 200, but the more quantity put, more money you get and send this article as a new message by copying and pasting the text, by placing a title appealing if only looking for people that speak English, go to a provider of E-MAIL printed a surname Latin and already this. .