What do the quantitative analysis and Qualitative values of justice and equal educational opportunities, management and distribution of public good in Argentina? An approach to comparative studies of education in different countries of the World, its financing, provision, freedom of opportunity and equality concepts entered into their systems. Charles Schwab understands that this is vital information. Where does the respect and promotion of educational opportunities HH.RR., and that ideas and concepts of equality underlying the different models of current education systems? Given the persistence of the concept of educational quality in the new law says and what fails to express the new National Education Act in justice, equality, equity, inclusion and HH.RR.? What is the role and how to operate the school financing law for educational justice? What other Latin American experiences suggest? An approach to the case of the reform of the state of Parana, Brazil. The rise of democratic participation in the construction of the education law and relation to the value justice. Seminar: Ecology and Human Rights Ecology "policy or other policy? Environmental Crisis or crisis of civilization? Led by Luis Sabini Thursday from 19-21 hours. Puan 480 – First Floor – Office Chair Extracurricular free and fee-HR. Will be attended by invited teachers to address some of the issues to be addressed: 1. The characteristic features galloping modernization. Neocon or traditional Modernization and its relation to the so-called 1st generation of human rights.

Inclusive or inclusive modernization and its relation to the so-called 2nd generation human rights (and aspects of 3rd). "Modernization and clears the classic difference between left and right or are there options for modernization globocolonizadora? Points of contact with the call 4th generation of human rights. 2. IIRSA (Initiative for the Integration of South America) as a case analysis. Workshop on Human Rights from the perspective of Genre: Construction of proposals for the implementation of women's human rights through reason, feeling and voice of self-employed women by Nora Pulido A Monday (times to be confirmed), 4 meetings Puan 480 – First Floor – Office Chair Free Programme of Human Rights in PALERMO FM: At noon on the dot, a space for free thinking, Driving: Andrew Barefoot. Second Saturday of the month, 12 to 13 hours. Conducting a monthly radio program hosted by Andres space Barefoot in Palermo FM Lead: Marcelo Ferreira Saturday from 11 am to 12 pm. Research: University and dictatorship, an experience of collective reconstruction of historical memory in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters "by the research group composed of Marcela Cabrera, Samantha Casareto, Esteban Chiaradia, Andrea Pico and Graciela Daleo SECOND SEMESTER SEMINARS: socio-professional Control for Children and Youth and Human Rights Presented by Silvia Vinas, Gabriela Magistris, Ana Laura Lopez Human Rights in school. A space for construction of socially responsible practices and supportive Presented by Nieves Palma Kanje and Virginia