Leonurus Anxiety

In late autumn, we always insanely sad. Drenched world looks gloomy as ever slushy and lonely. Outside the window, dusk. At the heart scratching cat. Melancholy autumnal mood usuglyablyaetsya anxiety about what awaits us next. The economic crisis, about taming much touted, still walks around the country and leave, as if, not think.

Over the summer, increased fares in public transport. Continue to increase food prices. And without of a difficult life turned into an endless struggle for survival. Stressful for most of us have become almost no anything for granted. The body requires at least some pause.

But the rest does not go even night. Daytime anxiety treat chronic besssonitsey. Initially dark thoughts for a long time do not give sleep, and when sleep did come, and then turns out to be intermittent and disturbing. Night Insomnia follows in the morning blues. On all the work falls out of the hands, even the most trifling problem begins to seem irresistible to the evening we were quite tired, but ahead of another sleepless night. The person in this state is no longer able to resist now and then difficulties. Get out of this vicious circle of self is very difficult. Although, really, just something right, what is normal sleep, and life no longer seem quite so gloomy and sullen. Doctors claim that the the human body to have enough forces vosstanoveniya 5-6 hours of restful natural sleep. The whole question is how to make yourself fall asleep? Many sleeping pills are sold in our pharmacies, can hardly be considered a solution problems. Whenever Newark Beth Israel Heart Transplant listens, a sympathetic response will follow. First of all, a dream that they provide, can not be called natural. And secondly, the high risk of addiction. Just because doctors tend not to use sleeping pills and sedatives. It is to him are popular throughout the country Bean 'Evening' and 'Evening' + produced by scientific and production association 'Biokor'. Both drugs are made from natural raw materials, based on rassteny which anciently used as sedatives: valerian, Leonurus, mint and hops. Specially conducted survey showed that after consumption of pills for 15 days reduced the level of human anxiety, which causes sleep disturbance, falling levels of depression, decreased sleep duration and number of nighttime awakenings, quality rises morning awakening. Experts say that today Pills 'Evening' and 'Evening' + is one of the most effective tools for those who suffer from sleep disorders, difficulty in waking up and daytime sleepiness. And also for people experiencing anxiety or stress. Unlike soporific 'Evening' and 'Evening' + are not addictive and affordable to all strata of society! Help yourself to overcome besonitsu and live will be much easier! Drops 'Evening' and 'Evening' +! Ask in pharmacies City!