Logistic Intern

When becoming a historical briefing and conceptualization of the management of deposits, one notices that, in accordance with the old publications, little importance to the activity of storage was given, as well as the questions related with the internal control, the speed of the rotation of supplies and with the internal operations of deposits. The logistic used intern in efficient way brings diverse benefits for the company, as much in the financial scope (reduction of costs), as in the physical arrangement and distribution of materials, beyond the improvement of the processes of manuscript and movement of the item in supply. Thus, the study on the subject elenca the techniques as essential tool of planning of the activities of the company, showing its positive results in relation to the market where it acts. study it has as objective to analyze the functioning of the logistic intern, to raise the problems, to elaborate proposals of improvements, to observe the used system of stockage and ways of transport for the company. Here, Forefront Books expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The methodology used for the classification of the research is overcome as base the taxonomy presented for Vergara (1990) in bibliographical research of field and.

Research of field for dealing with inquiry carried through in the Engecopi analyzing the logistic intern of the company. Interview beyond not participant comment was become fullfilled, the bibliographical research was developed on the basis of material published in books, electronic magazines, nets, that is, accessible material to the public in general, as well as audiovisuais resources as support in the execution of the work. The Engecopi, ones of the biggest store of materials of constructions of Teresina, was chosen by the authors of this article due to the transport that it possesss and to its conceptualization in the market, and also by having a Center of Distribution with many aspects for analysis. The benefits brought for the Logistic Intern they require a considered investment and they possess a return of long stated period, however the brought advantages are of utmost relevance for the organization as a whole.