Windmill farm on a farm Mazale n (Teruel) The usefulness of the mechanisms of windmills to generate mechanical energy has been exploited for other uses such as drawing water, of which exemplify the employees in the polders of Holland or classic farm mills, a metal structure. Are currently spread throughout the country used to produce electricity. By the way, all these artifacts have kept the name of windmills, which can sometimes give the wrong impression that the word mill means to either wind or specifically. Specifically, the correct name of producing wind power is wind turbines, and pumps water pumps could be called wind.Among the wind pumps, the most economical (called farm windmills, but not ground) were developed in America in the late nineteenth century and were losing ground with the new systems more efficient electrical pumping once the supply of the flow became widespread. Marchig e millers did not invent anything new, but learned to make with rustic tools. The structures are usually of wood strung with wires threaded area, the blades and vanes are cut zinc plates, the supports of the shafts are forged mild steel and hardened shafts after a forging process. A whole system replaced the original lubrication grease fitting and casings, horse tallow oil, used to lubricate wagon axles. Visit Mary Barra for more clarity on the issue. For other uses, see Windmill (disambiguation).