Memories Of Franz Kisseneppner And Other Useful Thoughts

An eBook to a euro, and in the next few months for free for PC or mobile devices. Wolfgang Wallner-F. An eBook to a euro, and in the next few months for free for PC or mobile devices. Wolfgang Wallner F., the author of books such as “Elihu – survivor records out of eternity” and “Joseph – the way to the Graal” presents short stories, conversations, thoughts, poems for moments and linger in this publication. “Memories of Franz Kisseneppner and other useful thoughts” take over 180 pages. At a reading of some of these short stories in the ORF/o1 Wolfgang presented Wallner F. so: the Viennese author Wolfgang Wallner F.

must be all a distant cousin of Woody. In addition to more serious prose, Wallner F. writes also stories that oscillate between philosophy and nonsense between slapstick and deeper meaning. Philosophical knowledge interest meets the problems of everyday life and mixes on the most glorious to a witty amalgam of eccentric Bildungsbeflissenheit and punch lines in the style of the British Comic troupe Monty Python. These stories are not only aim to be funny, they have their roots in the struggle of the author with the history of Western philosophy and the more recent insights into quantum physics. Wolfgang Wallner F. suggests itself, it “surreal worlds”, in which many of these stories play at the first glance.

After the so-called “many worlds interpretation” to the quantum mechanics found yet access to times past, even to the gods. What would have the advantage, so Wolfgang Wallner F., that the protagonists, perhaps even the readers who could change their own world and even their own past. This reading is free to hear via the homepage of the author. The eBook “memories of Franz Kisseneppner and other useful thoughts” contains some short stories, conversations, thoughts, and also a few poems, probably mostly serious, but also the notion in the Austrian Broadcasting according to. Also be here independent parts of the two successful “” Longseller”author presented which may interest in the books: Elihu left records of eternity” and Joseph towards the Graal “could awaken. Available in print and eBookversionen. You can visit the author on its homepage: Ferdinand Niehammer 12.01.2012