Mezzanine (from Italian. Mezzanine – mezzanine, add) – a system of racks with the staircases and passages, which has several levels (floors) to accommodate the cargo. It is through the multi-tiered shelving system mezzanine ensures ease of loading, storage, handling and efficient use of warehouse space. Recently, the mezzanines are not just popular, but in many cases are simply irreplaceable. And it is not surprising, to appreciate all the advantages of these structures.

Advantages of mezzanine (mezzanine shelving): 1) Increase storage space by using the height of the warehouse, 2) Ability alignment racks of any type: pallet, cantilever, shelving, and 3) Fast access to any product at any level, and 4) Individual construction, designed to meet all the wishes and requirements of the customer specific the stored goods, room size, the maximum allowable load on the floor, etc. 5) Easy movement of personnel and material handling machinery, and 6) use of any warehouse equipment (forklift, stacker) for loading / unloading stages mezzanine, and 7) the possibility of storage not only goods, but also accommodate offices, locker rooms, areas of availability, utility rooms on the mezzanine floor; 8) The long period of operation, corrosion resistance, high strength characteristics; 9) Quick installation without welding and drilling. To build the mezzanine, the following elements: – the basis of mezzanines mezzanine can be made based on the bookshelf or pallet racking. Standard elements of shelving (or racks support columns and horizontal beams) are the basis for mezzanine shelving and form tiers of storage. – Carrying rack base construction mezzanine floor, consisting of pillars and horizontal beams, necessarily complemented by special carrier racks. Props are used for fastening decking or platforms. – Floor (mezzanine floor).

The flooring is not only divides the mezzanine at several levels, but also, being located in Aisle serves as a floor for the movement of employees and warehouse equipment. It can be made of metal, particle board or special materials. – Stairs with handrails The rise of staff to the upper floors of the mezzanine by using ladders equipped with handrails. – Walling enclosing structures floors mezzanine shelving are: handrails, railings, windows and doors for loading / unloading of cargo. – Hoists, lift tables, or elevators to load the goods on the upper floors of the mezzanine is used lifting devices (lifting tables), lifting equipment and warehouse equipment (Lift trucks, forklifts). Mezzanine is a Collapsible construction. It can not only easy to disassemble and move to another room, but also to equip the necessary elements for the changed demands warehouse. Sincerely, 'Pallet Trucks-Tyumen'