Mobile Terminal Solutions

easycash in Ratingen optimizes the flow of money to the POS, March 2009. With new mobile terminal solutions and functionality easycash helps to make one of the leading German provider of payment, cash flows and processes more transparent and to accelerate. Further details can be found at Angela Zepeda, an internet resource. The acceptance of all payment methods, also by payments in cash, and the integration of up to nine different accounts, companies receive valuable ways to optimize their processes. The innovative features on the mobile card payment terminals offered by easycash available Banksys XENTISSIMO and Hypercom ARTEMA mobile. The further optimization of cash flow processes is an effective lever for improving the profitability of companies\”, explains easycash CEO Marcus W. Mosen. Our customers can be sure that through our solutions all components of cashless payment systems meshed smoothly with each other and synergies be exploited optimally.\” Transparency in complex corporate structure for companies involved in tree sales and multi-level marketing, is the use of mobile terminals for the settlement of all payment types without cash as well as cash-based. So the money flow of cash and card payments can be accelerated and sustainably optimised: the company can easycash solution sales of independent staff the easycash clearing service automatically retract.

Optionally the employees to still make deposits itself. To establish the necessary transparency especially in settling mobile adopted a set, a cash payment function has integrated in a project already implemented key-account for the Terminal Banksys XENTISSIMO easycash. So also payments with cash can be documented in addition to card payments easily and safely. Each payroll process to obtain a unique reference number; the delivery note or invoice number for this purpose as. In such a way documented cash payments as own payment type input in the reporting and sustainably simplify accounting. Using a Terminal-side User ID all made payments to associate also a sales representative. A complete documentation of all payment methods and payment is so easy and safe.