In the imaginary group the separation and the divorce are conceived like two alternative routes through which it puts point and end to the dreams and aspirations constructed next to another person. In other words, a rupture is conceived as the end of a whole form of life, and in no case like the beginning of another different one, and perhaps better. When the situation of conflict continued in a marriage ends at a rupture, a mixture of numerous found feelings usually occurs: deception, failure, rage, impotence, wrath To surpass them and to follow ahead will depend to a great extent on the capacity for that crosses by that situation to equip itself with an ample network of support, formed so much by relatives as by friendly, that can comfort and help to him emotionally him at those moments of as much uncertainty. The things are even harder when the pair had children common, because besides seeing itself forced to fight with their own feelings found about the end of their relation, the ex- spouses must guard because that fact affects in the measured minor possible to its small ones. After all, after the any healthiest rupture always usually it is to cut all contact with the ex- pair to avoid unnecessary sufferings and to exile all type of unreal dreams about a reconciliation that never will take place. It is not only possible, but it is not advisable if there were common children, since by their good the ancestors would have to maintain a good relation mutual, marked by the continuous contact and the collaboration in everything what he could talk about to those. How to act before each situation? a.

If the idea of the divorce left from you, and it were not accepted willingly by your pair, it will be precise that you face her all the consequences, vindote obligado/a to give explanations in your familiar and social surroundings. It is possible to say here that, in any case, a process of reflection and meditation would be indispensable before taking any step. The precipitation could play in your con. In many occasions, people who really did not wish to divorce of their pairs used the weapon of rupture as half of pressure and finished being to themselves without that person whom they loved and they needed. b. If the divorce had come to you imposed by your pair, you would have to be preparation to confront all possible consequences, among others: – The changes in your economic and financial situation. – The evident change in your style of life, when stopping coexisting with which was your compaero/a during long time. – To have enfrentarte to a stage of insecurities, fear and fear towards the stranger. – Replantearte each aspect of your life, reflecting what was what it was turned, so that you can avoid to fall to the same errors in future relations.