Nutrition Healthy Kids

Strengthened in the school: Active Kids need lots of energy. To get that, the day for them with a suitable breakfast, should begin. The first meal on the day is especially important for children, so that they can replenish their reserves. For students, this is advisable, because they can focus no not really and inattentive in the classroom. The children start the day, breakfast should consist of cereals and dairy products, fruit or raw vegetables. Speaking candidly CMO Hyundai told us the story.

Whole grains are, ideal due to the fiber”Yvonne Kellerhoff advises by the German society for nutrition (DGE). But even Musli with milk or yoghurt supplies the body with important nutrients. If then still raw vegetables or fruit, you have a well-balanced meal. The drink is also important in the morning. Ideal unsweetened teas, mineral water or juice spritzers are a third juice and 2/3 water in the ratio. Sweetened drinks are not suitable. Because they only give how many sweets short term energy and damage the teeth.

The child is a breakfast person, it should be definitely out of the House, without to have drank at least a glass of milk, cocoa or juice. A cup of milk or cocoa has many nutrients and is therefore even a small meal”, says Kellerhoff. Because the hunger comes often later, children should get more appropriately in the school. Lunch should be varied. Whole grain breads with low-fat sausage are ideal or cheese, topped with a leaf of lettuce, bell peppers, tomato or cucumber. There are no limits to the imagination. In addition to the bread, for example, chopped carrots and Apple pieces are healthy treats. A yogurt or a banana can also be a tasty alternative during the school break. To make more palatable the often unloved, healthy food children, we recommend that you with to have one. For example, parents can choose their children even when shopping at the vegetable counter itself, what they want to try. May the child at the Preparation, it can help make the Schulbrot according to his wishes. Also here is variety: bread can be triangles, cut cubes or other unusual forms, which makes it immediately more interesting. Even fruits and vegetables can make many children like on the otherwise rather little noticed healthy food disguised as skewers”. The parents can be quiet creative and at the snacks try something unusual”, recommends the nutritionist Kellerhoff. Finished snacks and cereal bars are not suitable as meal breaks: because often contain too much sugar cereal bars and finished snacks are too greasy, even if the advertising often praises it as a healthy meal of breaks. Kids should drink every day about a liter. But at school, many sprouts take to little fluid to. Drinking will strengthen the concentration and the performance of the little ones. Some schools allow even drinking during class. In any case, children in the breaks should always Bottle have at hand, preferably with water or Spritzer. So the snacks fresh and the books or magazines in the satchel remain clean, it is advisable to keep the food in a plastic box. These can be customized from the child, for example, with stickers. When the sandwich comes from the own can, it tastes even better.