"Production" relates to the economic sciences, is a leader among the social sciences as they study the relations of production, ie, the relations that develop between people in the process production. Like every science, "Organization of production" has its object of study – one or another form of matter and its object of study – the laws of motion of this form of matter. The object of the discipline – industrial enterprise, which is regarded as a production system. The subject is the study of patterns of production, determined by economic laws, and methodological approaches to formation of the organization of production to meet the requirements of rational use of resources and the creation of institutional conditions for ensuring the integrity, continuity and maximum efficiency. Based on the nature of the organization of production, one could argue that it is a special kind of human activity on the development and improvement of the production system. Organization of production studies specific direction of the economy, so discipline "Production" refers to functional economic sciences.

"Production" is studied in close connection with other disciplines, such as technology industry, providing material resources, business enterprises, accounting and analysis, enterprise economy, the rules and regulations, organization and regulation of labor corporate planning, management, marketing, economics and mathematical methods and computers, etc. The starting base upon which the study of the subject is economics, studying the mechanism of action economic laws and methods of their use in practice. Based on the requirements of the market, the course involves the study of creative mastery of the basic principles and methods of industrial organization production, acquisition of necessary skills in practical work and on this basis to achieve high results in the production and economic activity of enterprises. Discipline "Production" involves the study of key questions of the economy in this area and is based na knowledge and use of objective economic laws. The study of economic laws, as well as knowledge of the number of applied and Exact Sciences allows you to set some common to all enterprises and specific enterprises in various industries principles, forms and ways of organizing their best work. Any organizational and technical solutions, methods of manufacture of products, manufacturing operations, housekeeping, whatever they were successful, effective today, tomorrow can be improved or replaced by more sophisticated the impact of scientific and technological advances, changing production conditions. Dialectical method allows us to consider the organization of production as a continuous creative work, which results in increasing production efficiency. Based on the dialectical method, "Production" uses the private methods of learning, economic analysis and synthesis, balance, pilot, Economics and Mathematics, modeling, system approach. The system approach provides a holistic view of the variety of phenomena occurring in the company to disclose a causal connection between them.