You have one there pen-drive? Not? Then it goes to have that to take the entire computer if to want to take the work for school. It does not have problem, if the computer in question will be one notebook or a Ipad. It is, the technology it provides each thing, he is not same? The storage of data has some few years behind was done in a floppy, that, by the way, was well great to leave loading it for there. Today, it can inside be loaded immense works of an object that fits in the pocket, the such of pen-drive. The necessity and the easiness to store given and to be able to load them for any place are not a craze of today. This culture is between us since the times of World War II when they were used ribbons and magnetic records as storage devices. the family is great.

The first device created, in 1890 middle, was the perforateed card, much before having World War II. we can say that all these devices had brought many advantages for the users and had facilitated to the life of much people saving space and money, therefore that it has some few years behind was in mounts of folders or they formed stacks of paper now fit in only one small electronic device. The storage devices had been a technological way invented to bring comfort and mobility for the people. Valley to stand out that before the devices were bigger and with lesser capacity, and today the situation is contrary; the models are lesser, they have bigger memory and some of them can be taken in the pocket, and that if they had not been invented we would have that to walk with a CPU in the arms. But so far it was only said the positive points of these devices, but also it has the negative points, as for example, the easiness that they have to catch and to pass virus of a computer for another one and the easy quo that is to lose them, since they are so small. You already imagined the upheaval that would give if pen-drive lost its? Therefore he is would be very bad, therefore he found who it would have access to that you stored in it He only saw? These devices are excellent, in they facilitate the life very to them, but also they require very well-taken care of. Available in Access in 29 of June of 2011Disponvel in Access in 29 of June of 2011